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Anyone found an aux. battery bracket?

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  • Anyone found an aux. battery bracket?

    Before I start cutting and bending has anyone found one that fits the NS?
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    Sure have!!
    Piranna 4x4 in Bayswater VIC have them.
    Its the same one as the NP but the bolt holes in the NP and NS must be the same as it lines up perfectally. From memory is was about $130
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      Yep Piranha.
      We just swapped our NM holder to the NS and dropped in like a glove. In a diesel so lots more room around it to work and set up connections.
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        Thanks guys - I'll drop past them on Saturday to pick one up
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          anyone got a pic please
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            Don't have any pics of the holder but here are some pics of my NP with the battery in place


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              NS Petrol Carbon Canister

              Just to revisit this thread, has anyone have pics of where they have located the Carbon Canister for a dual battery setup in a petrol ns??
              The Piranha kit talks about moving to the opposite site however i am buggered if i can find a spot where it fits on the drivers side.

              Best i have found is adjacent to its original position on the firewall however it is directly above the engine and i am wondering if the heat would effect the canister.

              Anyone have ideas of pics on how they have done it???

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                Here's a pic of the one I fitted before the battery went in (NS DiD). Removing the plastic wheel arch guard and putting the bolt through is a bit fiddly. If you are getting someone else to fit your battery system and want to save a couple of $'s it may be worth fitting the tray yourself.
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                NS oil burner shorty


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                  I noticed a piece in the Nov 4x4 Australia that said TJM now had one for the NS to fit a 10" battery.
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                    Yep, that is right. Have a look here



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                      I plan to do the whole install myself, however finding a spot for the carbon canister in a petrol NS is starting to be beyond me. Maybe i need a few more beers and the answer will come to me in a second.



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                        ARB also have one. Getting their Dual Battery System installed next week. From my bit of research, TJM, ARB, Piranha, Opposite lock all have them. They were all around the $140 mark.
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                          Hi Jason,

                          I mounted the canister in my NP to the side of the battery tray, much the same position you have used in the NS. Initially I wondered about heat from the engine, but did not have any issues with that location (This was before the LPG conversion, then had to move everything)
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