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Fitting a Smartbar on the SWB R model

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  • Fitting a Smartbar on the SWB R model

    Hi - I sent an email to Smartbar to see if they have one for SWB R model.
    I got the following reply:
    If your vehicle does not have flares the bar will not fit.

    I have not got mt vehicle yet so not sure if has flares or not (not even sure what they are and are they an option)

    Can any one shed some light on the ignorant (ie me)


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    Can I suggest you give them a ring directly and ask... AFAIK the flares are the plastic bits added on to the guards around the wheel arches and then along the doors - at least they are on the older series. I could be missing it but I dont see it listed on their accessories page.

    I have just bought and fitted a Smartbar to our NP GLX (no flares). I know it is a different model but the bars between the flared and non-flared NM NP are the same. I wonder if it is just an issue of overhang or projection to where the flares would be? I doubt if there would be much difference structurally.

    By the way - the bar was very easy to fit with clear instructions and everything required in the kit.

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      Thanks for the reply. When the time comes I will do as you say but just trying to get a bit of clarification.
      I had thought that is what the flares were but could not see why they would make a difference to the smartbar so thought I was missing something

      Many thanks for your reply,


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        That is weird. I was visiting our local tow bar shop the other day and saw a NS LWB being fitted with the smart bar. I asked the dealer about it and he said they had just done 72 of them for the NSW police. He showed me in a storage area where they had at least 12 NS SWB and LWB pajeros parked all fitted with smart bars.

        There you go. I emailed Smartbar mob as well and got the same answer. Don't know why they can't simply say it fits NS or not.

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          I like the smartbar idea, but back to what you were saying, so we are about to see police NS pajeros on the road in NSW ??

          cool, I cant wait to see the shorties and what they use them for .....

          you are from Newcastle arent you J&G ?

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            No I am in Sydney. Currently travelling NSW.

            Yes, be interesting to see the NSW police in the Pajeros NS.

            Now I come to think of it, maybe no SWB, might have been only LWB as they were all parked in the dealers lockup randomly. Did not look for it as I was concentrating on looking at the smartbar and how it was fitted.

            Mitsubishi Pajero Platinum LWB Diesel 2012 towing AVAN Caravan the Liam 18ft adventure pack with ALKO AKS3004 coupling.


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              From memory when I asked some time ago they told me that the smartbar was for the X model.

              Now it is the R model with flares which I can't understand why and don't believe they are an option any way. Does the X have flares?

              Any way I got to get the car first .



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                Found this on Mitsubishi web site

                Pajero X will allow you to look stylish around town, while also offering the capability for off road; it is the perfect vehicle for anyone wanting to live a double life. The X model is all class, with its chunky 18' alloy wheels and sports-style wheel arch flares. Let loose off-road, and it will really show you its full-on rallying mettle.

                No mention of flares for the R.

                So the new aound the town sporty version of the Paj is being catered for with a Smartbar and I guess the R which according to the blurb below is not catered for - go figure
                The Pajero R has all the capability for serious recreational off-roading. With 17' alloy wheels, it's designed to be tough, but take a closer look - it has a lot of the features of a larger, more expensive 4WD.
                The new Pajero has been transformed, based on everything learned from its winning, rally performances - not only about rising to the challenges of the world's toughest rally courses, but how to make off-road feel more like on-road.


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