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Thanks for the help and time folks

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  • Thanks for the help and time folks

    Hey guys,
    I would just like to thank you for all the time and info that I've gotten from this forum (and the old one). The folks on this forum are all a lot more pleasent than the average forum users, you should all be proud

    After finally managing to get a test drive of an NS SWB I've had to decide that the car is not for me. It's very well built and has all the accessories one could ask for. It drives very nicely and even smells good .

    Unfortunately I can't get past how loud the diesel is. I've now also driven the Prado and Hilux (same engine, different insulation) and they're much quiter and will be easier to live with. If I was just driving around town or even on short remote trips it would be OK, but we sometimes drive for upwards of 12hrs and the drone of the engine would kill me

    When I told the dealer (politely) that I couldn't deal with the noise he smiled sadly and indicated that he had heard the same thing a number of times. It's a shame that such a great car is spoiled by such a small thing but there you go

    So again, thank you very much for your input and good luck with your paj's



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    Pity you didn't go for a ride in one with some ks on it. Mine has 9500km and is much quieter and smoother than when new.

    Best of luck.
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      Hi Demented,

      You might want to read the posts about the engine management unit firmware update. This might lessen the noise enough for you to still like the car.

      Not having a diesel before my NS I didn't take long to get used to the knak knak sound. But even I will try to get this update just to lower the sound level just that little bit.

      Thats my two bobs worth.
      2007 NS Pajero LWB, Tow pack, FP, 18" rims. A great family adventure car.


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        When I bought my NP DiD - after comparison with a diesel Prado - performance beat out the quieter Prado! The NP diesel was a far better highway cruiser than the Prado, with all the technology in the base models too! I believe that now the NS is much noisier than the new Prado, and the other advantages have dissapated; but performance is about the same!


        Pity! - I'm happy with the choice I made then - but would I make the same decision now, with the now current models? Doubt it - given the poor support of MMA as well!


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          When cruising at 100 can you even still hear the motor?


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            NO , it`s very quiet and smooth.


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              And the NS does everything better than the Prado with the bonus of all the tech stuff as standard.
              2007 NS VRX PAJERO Di-D , AUTO , FAMILY PACK , HD TOW PACK


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                It sounds like you have made your decision, but FWIW, I drove an auto DiD VRX at one dealership (750kms on clock) then a couple of days later drove similar vehicle at another dealer (3,500 kms on clock) and I couldn't believe the difference in noise levels!!

                At the time, I put it down to the first one hadn't been pre-delivered properly and the second one had (or perhaps there are noticeable problems with quality control at Mitsu) but perhaps, from comments on the forum it might be they require a settling in period.

                However from my past experience there is no way anyone will ever convince me that Mitsubishi don't back their products with better warranty proceedures than Toyota.


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                  See the other thread re a Flash upgrade to the ECU to reduce noise in the NS CRD.

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                  2011 Landrover Freelander II SD4


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                    simple fix - turn your stereo up
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                      I am seriously bemused by comments such as
                      "I believe that now the NS is much noisier than the new Prado, and the other advantages have dissapated"

                      Whilst you cant really compare like for like with Pajero V Prado as Pajero offers 3 in the range while Prado offers 4 and each of these vehicles offer the customer something different, you can compare value for money ie Bang for your Buck.

                      I have never owned a 4WD before and I was dead set on buying a Prado, no one could have changed my mind on this, however after about 12 months of doing some homework it came down to a choice of 2, Pajero or Prado.

                      The main reasons I bought a Pajero was
                      1) Drive train technology MATT standard in all models, for Prado only available on VX and up
                      2) SuperSelect gearbox, from information I have read better than Prado's box
                      3) Warranty 5-10, any way you look at it beats Toyota hands down
                      4) Value for money, for me it was VRX V GXL, no offense to anyone but why the hell would you spend similar money and get less???
                      5) Toyota's arrogance in offering less for more$$

                      Now having owned the new Pajero, noise of the NS diesel, sorry guys but it isn't that bad. If you don't want noise ride a bike....seriously!!!
                      And seriously some people buy the brand, and thats OK but lets not stretch that out to mean a better overall product!!

                      If I had to make a decision today on which 4WD I should buy based on everything I know to date it would still be Pajero every time...thats my opinion anyway. No regrets on the NS VRX


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                        The NS we test drove was very rattley. The one we bought was much quieter. We don't even notice any sound at all. At 110kph on the highway it just purrs along.

                        2007 NS VRX DID Auto - ARB Bullbar, Dual Deep Cycle Batteries, Nightstalker HID's, Family Pack, Tow Bar & Lift, Illuminated Side-Steps, Bluetooth, Neoprene Seat Covers, Mio Digiwalker C520 GPS.
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                          Originally posted by demented View Post
                          Hey guys,
                          I would just like to thank you for all the time and info that I've gotten from this forum (and the old one). The folks on this forum are all a lot more pleasent than the average forum users, you should all be proud

                          Couldn't agree more.
                          Good luck on your purchase and make sure you drop in and give us some feedback on whatever you get as it is always good for the next guy who has the same problem with choice.
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                            Final result

                            Dave et. al.

                            Well, just to let you know, today I signed up for a Hilux Dual Cab SR with a whole lot of stuff on it. It's not as good a 4wd or as refined inside as the Pajero but cruising at 80 or 100 you can't hear the engine at all and the road noise is suprisingly limited. Same sort of price as an SWB (it's a few months old with 15000k on the clock).

                            I'll still keep an eye on this forum as the non-pajero specific stuff is still useful for me and as I said above you're a good bunch of people!


                            Chris (aka Demented).


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                              In response to the noise levels of the NS diesel , I too say thay my vehicle is a far different vehicle to the one that I drove home from the dealership . The noise level has changed considerably and appears to be getting better all the time ,the clatter is only really noticeable now at low speeds when the engine has no load, or when cold until she warms up. At higher speeds on the highway/open road etc , it is pretty quiet and not much different than my wifes late model Corolla .
                              2007 DID AUTO


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