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    Looking to update to a new VRX. Have test driven two examples with the petrol engine now and have been surprised at the coarseness of the engine especially off idle. Is this normal? My last (NM) Pajero wasn't the last word in refinement but I don't recall it having so much engine vibes.
    Both NS's seemed worst on light throttle openings and at low-ish revs- a real resonant drone through the cabin. Is it something that will pass when the engine has a few more km on it? The second one had 1400km on it so wasn't exactly brand spanking.
    Interested in any comments- it is making me have second thoughts especially as i have been so keen to get back into a Pajero and out of a Ford Territory which I haven't been happy with - but now doesn't seem so bad.
    Thanks, cheers.
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    I must say I have been a little disappointed in the harshness too, especially in the low revs, though it seems to smooth out above about 2800rpm, but yesterday I decided to try something different. I put in 98 instead of 95 petrol and what can I say maybe its my imagination, but I'm pretty sure that its running MUCH smoother, not only that but my l/100km seems to have dropped about 10%, quite unbelievable... I'm going to run it on a few more tanks of 98 and then try 95 and see if I notice a difference again. All I can say is that its not perfect now, but certainly feels and sounds a lot smoother...

    (I should mention that she only has 900km on the clock and I am still hoping it will still smoothen out a bit in time)
    NS SWB-X, Nudge bar, Towbar, Sunroof, GPS, Rear cam


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