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how to use WMA music?

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  • how to use WMA music?

    I have the VRX with Family pack, and the DVD system allows WMA encoded disks but the 6 stacker in front does not (only MP3), and as most of my music on the computer is either in AAC on the Mac or WMA on the PC, I created a WMA disk so I could use the rear deck as a 170 track CD which you could just shuffle through on long trips as well as normal CDs in the front. HOWEVER, the rear one only kicks in if the WMA CD is inserted after the car is started and with the front console already set to rear while inserting the disk (which is difficult to do when sitting in the drivers seat), at least I find it to be this way when I am the only one in the car. My WMA disk sits in the DVD player all the time, and I get nowhere with it if I switch to rear when the disk is already in place. You would think that Mitsubishi would have programed it so that when you select rear the system looks for disks already in the drive to allow its use. I don't know about the rest of you, but I have always used either WMA or AAC, and would have to go through the time consuming role of putting my CDs back in to the computer again as MP3 format to create disks that can be used in the front 6 stacker. (at least most of my music is bought on CDs originally, I gather I'd be stuffed if I had bought songs using iTunes)

    Does the Rockford system in the Exceed allow WMA coded CDs in the front system ? More importantly, does anyone know how to overcome these limitations when you have the normal system so I can use the WMA disk properly while in the roof mounted DVD system ?, or do I just have to bite the bullet and upload my CDs in as MP3s and start from scratch.
    Mar07 build NS LWB VRX Auto

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