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GME tx4400 in NS Exceed

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  • GME tx4400 in NS Exceed

    Hi All, Have just purchased a new GME TX4400 UHF unit. Has anyone fitted a unit to a NS exceed? The spot under the heater controls with card slot etc. Help on how to do this would great.

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    I havent installed a gme but i have installed a uniden the card slot etc. is the same size as a DIN slot so you can mount the unit in there. It is a bugger of a job though. You will need the DIN mounting kit for your radio and you will need to make up an extra bracket from scratch as there is nothing to mount the DIN kit to the pillars on either side are a long way from the sides of the radio.
    I made my bracket out of some flat aluminium bar basically bent into a "c" shape and then tek screwed to the pillars on either side. You also have to pull a lot of the dash out to do it including the glovebox. If i had some photos id love to show you but alas i dont. Good luck. Email me if you need help.

    Cheers Adrian.
    NW Pajero VR-X
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