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Just got my new SWB

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  • Just got my new SWB

    Hi - just picked up my new SWB R model diesel pajero yesterday. Here are few first impressions.

    First I have done only about 500km so keep this in mind.

    It is red - looks good - even if a bit girly (a comment was that it looked like a fire truck)
    I got the sun roof - first time I have had one and it is great -can't wait till we get some good weather
    I also got the side steps (a bit narrow but OK) tow pack and reverse sensors plus a few others.

    I am impressed by the performance so far - it goes up hills (bitumen only at this stage) very easily - not the first car away form the lights but it winds up to a good speed quickly
    We are currently getting around 11/100L according to the fuel economy display. This seems to be getting better as I drive it. Yesterday it sat on around 12.6 today it even dropped to 10.9 while my wife was driving - she was using the cruise control a lot.

    The handling on the road is excellent. When I did my test drives I thought the Prado was better (I test drove the grande as that was all they had) - don't say anything I already copped a flogging for making that comment before. I am not an experienced 4wd driver or even a keen driver for that matter. Any way while driving over the last couple of days I have been extremely impressed by the way it handles it self on the road- I have only done the 2wd so far.

    Now for a negative. I have found it very noisy (I was told, as this was very recent build (august) I did not need the flashes discussed in the forum, so that may have something to do with it - perhaps I do).
    I have never driven a diesel before apart for a rental (volvo while overseas) so may be this is normal. I notice it most while starting up and/or accelerating. Once it hits cruise speed the noise is hardly noticeable. I will get use to it but not having driven one before I have nothing to compare against other than petrol sedans and want to amke sure nothing is wrong.

    And now for a very stupid question. Is there a right way and a wrong way to park on a hill. I find when I go to start the car after parking in my drive way that when I move the gear to Reverse from Park I get a bit of a crunch sound which does not sound to good. I have had manuals for a long time and not sure if this is to be expected/avoided with autos. This probably just new car paranoia but got to ask.

    Any way so far I am enjpyng the experience and looking forward to when I can get offroad with it (need a bit of tuition first though)


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    Congrats on the purchase. I'm sure you'll enjoy the truck and wouldn't mind betting the engine noise settles down in time. Well that's what a number of others have had to say on the matter.

    As for the parking question, I normally use the hand brake to hold the car and then put it into park. This takes the pressure off the box and you'll find the crunch issue is aleviated.



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      Endorphin - I will give that a go. I thought I tried that but will give it another go.

      I am not a keen driver normally but it sure is fun to drive. My dog likes it as well, not sure about the wife. I took the dog for a ride first.

      We will be towing a camper so hopefully it will be good for this. Did it with a Forester before and it was great but died when it hit a hill and was very thirsty (ie while towing).

      Many thanks for the response,
      Rich (and his fire truck)


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        when you stop before parking on a hill, pull the park brake on first, then put it in park ...
        SWB NT X DiD its R E D

        SWB NS X DiD that's double D's !! Retired


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          How are you supposed to use the hill start assist or what ever it is called ? , i am pretty sure that the Pajeros have it but I have never had the need to use it as yet.
          2007 DID AUTO


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            About the parking...yes if you put the handbrake on first, ideally from neutral, it takes the load (when you release the footbrake) and not the transmission, then engage PARK. I agree the crunch is not good. Have you tried the tiptronic yet ? when you miss a manual, its good to have a play with this.
            Last edited by macguru; 25-08-07, 11:33 PM.

            2007 NS SWB R V6 Auto - Tow Bar & Lift, Thule Aero Bars, TomTom GO720
            1991 NH 2.6 SWB Manual - Michelin AT's, Thule Roofbars, Alloy Bullbar,Hella Lamps, Pedders 1" Lift


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              Congrats Rich

              I got my SWB ?R the week before you. Glad you are enjoying your truck, for my purposes this was the best vehicle on the market for the money. Generally been extremely happy with my purchase (DiD with BFG 265/70/17 tyres and rear lockers). Have a few issues like you, which I would like to share.

              1. Had the under body protection pack added as part of my purchase (i.e. rust & sound deading) for mainly the sound deadening properties, the BFG tyres which I had fitted instead of the standard MM tyres , are noisy and sing somewhat on the road (glad I did not get the muddies) . Advise for the forum: do not waste your money on the under body protection the dealer may provide, the sound deadening properties of this product are useless for road noise . The diesel engine noise which is the other noise problem is unfortunately something we all must wear. (The Toyo Prado standard comes at a cost) .
              2. My Pajero has been used in Sydney NSW traffic mainly (First 500 Klms) and the fuel consumption has not been anything extraordinary i.e. 14.2 litres/100 Km is about the normal. The Auto version of the DiD is not as fuel efficient as you would expect from a diesel, those who got the SWB petrol 3.8 version are the winners here and the DPF is the issue (Only if the SWB was offered as a manual without the DPF mmm?..). I will be following and supporting the issues raised by this forum on the DPF as I believe MM need to provide some closure on this problem.
              3. The instrument console is not the best ? I wear sun glasses often and can barely see the speedo and odometer if the sun is shining from behind the vehicle. The deep set instrument set is very poorly designed for bright sun conditions, at night it is brilliant !!. ??mmm when did they test this ???.
              4. Fuel tank (69 Litres) A bit lacking to say the least . The solution (thankfully one company is looking after us here) LRA will fix this issue with their 65 litre Aux fuel tank. A total of 134 litres for an extra $1650 - $1850 is not bad when comparing with the competition.

              The SWB ?R Pajero with some decent tyres and a bit more fuel range is an awesome truck for the price.
              2007 NS SWB Pajero R DID, Rear Locker, BFG 265/70/17 T/A KO's, Towbar, B&D Bashplates, LRA AUX Fuel Tank, Lovells/Bilstein 50mm lift,
              Dual Battery, ORS Fridge Pack 1,Fully Dynamatted, Bushskinz Sliders,ARB Deluxe Bar,Safari Snorkel, Chipit module, EGT Kit, DPF Delete, DPF SIM, Winch,Torque Converter Lockup, EGR fully sorted

              2006 Landcruiser HDJ100


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                Hi I wanted to swap the tyres but the best I could do was an exchange which would cost me an additional$1000 (for 5 tyres) which can't afford or at least have other priorities.

                I am in Canberra so traffic not as big an issue but what does concern me is that I live about 10 minute easy driving from work, so I will be doing a lot of short trips. From what I have read there is a good chance I am going to have the problems mentioned.

                Perhaps if I just drive around the block a couple of times at 40km every morning I want have the problem - I will look like one of the old ladies who drive around with out changing gears !! They exist here.

                The Aux tank does seem tempting - but may have to get suspension upgraded as well ?



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                  rich i think you need to do a minimum of 40km/h.. not drive at 40
                  SWB NT X DiD its R E D

                  SWB NS X DiD that's double D's !! Retired


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                    Yep - ya right re at least 40km ,

                    Just went for another drive and still having fun



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                      rich, take it for a spin down the snow not far to go for you
                      SWB NT X DiD its R E D

                      SWB NS X DiD that's double D's !! Retired


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                        I see the snow in the distant mountains and feel the bloody winds coming off it and that is as close I want to go near it. Plenty other places.

                        I got a bit of dirt on it today. I am still impressed on how well it handles.

                        My fuel consumption (according to the display fropped as low as 10.6 at one time) so going in the right direction.

                        My on issue is the noise. I have nothing to compare it with so not sure if over reacting or even if there is a problem.

                        I have a question I hope some one can answer. I will have to leave the car idle for about 4 weeks - is this good for a diesel. I am sure I will have a few volunteers in the family to drive it but not my preference



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