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Which DID auto oil?

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  • Which DID auto oil?

    Hello all ,sorry to raise this subject again for those of you that may have become bored with it in recent postings, but which engine oil did you guys end up going with?. Did you choose the Mitsu blend or another and if so what is your opinion of the oil that you are now using ? eg, " has your fuel economy altered or has your engine quitened down etc" .I intend to use the Valvoline product "Synpower MST 5W-30" and have priced it locally at $241 for a 20 litre drum.Works out approx $2 a litre cheaper than the Mitsu blend. Castrol product is $187 for a 20 litre drum so it is considerably cheaper again.
    2007 DID AUTO

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    Good question and I am interested as well.

    I asked my dealer about the oils and got told we just use Mobil oils - they were not aware of any special requirement.

    I am half way to first 1500km service so would like to make sure they don't just stick any thing in



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      Not sure if this will Totally answer your question, BUT

      My local Service Department told me they are using a specific Low Ash Oil, and at around $20/ LITRE it aint cheap!!

      They usually use Shell oils, (and used to put SYNTHETIC Helix Ultra in my old NP)but im sure A special Castrol oil is what they have for the NS , D-i-d.

      Hope that's of Help,



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        any oil that meets the jap or ACEA spec as quoted in your manual is just fine, that's what a spec is for. no matter what any mechanic or dealer says, if it does not meet the spec don't put it in as it may not be low ash...

        there are 2 or 3 on the market other than the mma oil.
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          with regard to my previous post, i was trying to put an answer to the original question of the Thread, i.e. what where people generally using.

          as 'matthewfnorbert' said, it has to meet the relevant spec,

          and maybe i did'nt phrase my response correctly, when i mentioned what the local dealer was using.

          What i DID mean , was that they are using the correct oil, which DOES meet the correct spec, and it just so happened to be of that brand name.

          I am an Aircraft Maintenance Tech by trade (Helicopters), so i would'nt go endorsing any old olive oil just because some mechanic said it was 'special', but do agree it's good to be informed so that when service time comes around the Dealer cannot just tell you that this is what you're getting and this is what it's going to cost.

          I think it's a good thread though, as there are still a lot of people who put total trust in the service department to put in the 'CORRECT' fluids, for whichever part of the vehicle they relate,




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            I am mainly curious as to which oil that anybody with an auto diesel decided to use in their auto.There are a few options available now that appear to meet the required specs, but I am mainly wondering how people rate the peformance of their selected engine oil choice.These oils are pretty expensive,"do you get what you pay for " ? or have you taken your chances with Mitsubishis blend. I like many others , intend to supply my own oil to the dealer during service intervals ,probably Valvoline .
            2007 DID AUTO


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              Isn't this discussed at length in the DPF thread? The recomendation there was the Mitsu Diaqueen liquid gold was the only one to meet the spec, although one or two more have been uncovered that do now.
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                I think the other was Penrite 0w/40 low ash etc
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