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SWB: How does it tow heavy stuff?

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  • SWB: How does it tow heavy stuff?

    I am shortly taking delivery of an an R shortie. I'd be keen to know (others might too!) how it tows, particularly heavy trailers and vans. MIne will tow an 1800kg semi-off road van.

    2014 PC Auto Challenger. Silver, MM alloy bullbar, cargo barrier, roof bars and solar panel, 2nd battery, fridge, front sensors, MM tow bar and WDH, EGR mod in progress.

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    i have towed around 1200km so far with a boat/trailer mass of 1300kg and the swb x..Excellent, does not even know it's there.. no bouncing,swaying or pitching of any kind.
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      What sort of boat are you towing?


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        16.6 foot/4.45m jet boat with HSV LS2 6.0 V8 307kw (346kw in the boat!)

        0-100km/h in approx 3 sec
 if you know the rip bridge in this video you will appreciate just how quickly we are moving away from it after starting off under it!

        It's a family boat

        The trailer is all alloy with hyd brakes and weighs in at just 300kg, the boat is 780kg dry with no gear
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        SWB NT X DiD its R E D

        SWB NS X DiD that's double D's !! Retired


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