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SWB - X - VRX badge

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  • SWB - X - VRX badge

    Happened to have noticed two SWB X's driving around, both had a VRX badge on the lower right back side.

    Both mine and my uncles SWB X don't have them. Just interested to know if anyone else has/hasn't got it?
    NS SWB-X, Nudge bar, Towbar, Sunroof, GPS, Rear cam

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    I've wondered about exactly the same thing!!!

    Mine has the VRX badge, but I thought it was a NS X, not a NS VRX.

    Beats me..
    NS Shortie, Petrol Guzzler, Tow-Bar, Nudge-Bar, Rear Diff Lock, Rhino Sports roof bars, Newbee 4x4 Driver.


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      Guys, I have just taken delivery of a SWB diesel which has the VRX badge on the rear door, yet in the Mitsubishi brocher it is identified as just X, may be they have an identity problem at Mitsubishi?.

      By the way, I would like to hear from any recent Pajero Diesel owners, having problems with the PF filter, just completed 4000k and the PF and the engine warning light came on, taking it back to the dealer tomorrow, does anyone know if this is a common problem??


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        Very common. Happened to me. There is a long thread on the DPF issue.
        Doesn't seem like it is a major issue, mainly annoying.
        SWB R DiD


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