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Any interest in an NS SWB??

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  • Any interest in an NS SWB??

    Just posting this for interests sake, it would seem that I am in a position where I might have to sell my 2007 NS Swb pajero. Its black, petrol, with all the usual inclusions plus rear diff lock and towbar. I have just clocked 15000kms (bought new in March)and get reasonable fuel economy but with me travelling 250 odd kms a day on the highway in my new business, I cant justify a pajero as the daily vehicle.
    So if there is anyone out there in internet land that is looking to buy a new shorty, here might be an opportunity to get yourself one thats as good as new but for less cash. I will confirm my payout figure in a few days and let known what monies would be required, but i think it would be about 42-43K.
    I know this is not the "for sale" section but i am trying to get some idea if there is interest.
    NS X Swb, V6, Black, rear locker, tint, 75mm lift......dust from lack of use

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    Oh, forgot to mention its the X model with the heated leather seats, zenon headlights and stuff..
    NS X Swb, V6, Black, rear locker, tint, 75mm lift......dust from lack of use


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      Might be interested- prefer the diesel, but if the price is right then

      I'm bayside south brisbane, Just got to work out what my plans are atm, I need to upgrade out vehicle, PM with the details etc.

      ML triton with some accessories
      National E Trek Libary
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