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Rear recovery Points on tow bar

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  • Rear recovery Points on tow bar

    I have a Mitsubishi tow bar.

    It appears to have two recovery points on it.

    Can you use these for recovery (as the recoverer or being recovered)?


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    If you mean the bent bits of metal bolted on to either end of the towbar near the tail lights then no, don't use them.

    If you are talking about the safety chain attachment point either side of the hitch receiver, then no, I wouldn't use them either.

    When Mitsubishi tested snatching with the NP to discount rumours of bent chassis etc, they snatched from the rear using a hitch receiver without the towball and passed the shackle bolt through the hole in the tongue. You can also insert the end of the snatch strap into the receiver and pass the hitch pin through it (This can lead to the pin bending in extreme circumstances, particularly if the pin is a low quality pin).

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      The bits on the towbar do look like recovery point and appear to be welded on.

      I will put up some pics if I can.

      The option you mention re what you should do is probably the way to go but am just checking as would be easier to use (ie as want have to pull the hitch off)



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        I would not use anything except the tow hitch for rear recovery.

        I have one of these hooks which is handy and makes rear recovery easy, just fits into the tow hitch. (ususally me pulling someone else out. )



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          My old NH had big solid welded on loops like you mention that looked like they'd be good recovery points but they're not a rated loop. Personally I allways use the hitch reciever as the attachment point.
          Cheers, John.
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