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Got cabin rattles & squeaks?

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  • Got cabin rattles & squeaks?

    Just curious if anybody else has a lot of rattles in the cabin in their NS?

    Talking about interiour rattles/squeaks, not engine/mechanical.

    I'm getting a lot, mainly in the dashboard area, the pillar where the seat belts are and somewhere in the back - sounds like plastic to plastic friction kind of rattling and squeaking.

    I was thinking of mentioning it at the next service but it's probably beyond help - seems like too many to fix.

    Just curious if they're all like that.

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    Only rattle have is the glove box lid against it's seat, but of course that only happens when I have the car, quite infequently.


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      As far as cabin noises...just the occasional ones around the gear shifter area every now and then - I can't seem to pin-point it.

      I have a very annoying squeak from the back door. Happens when the car twists slightly so as you can imagine it happens mostly when 4wding but also when I go over uneven ground such as a driveway...very annoying...

      I've also noticed that since it has started squeaking that the back door requires much less effort to close. Could the door just be out of adjustment?

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        i have the seat belt post light squeak too and another in the faux carbon fibre insert on drivers door.. thought i would just pull the trim off and fix myself.

        the centre armrest/gear selector has a creak..

        otherwise quite tight..

        btw silicon up the door rubbers as my back door rubber stuck and pulled some clips out when i opened it..
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          We have a piece of cardboard wedged in between the console & dash, getting a 15000 kms service next week so I hope they can fix it then.




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            had a vibratiuon at 2000rpm in hte gear box selction arere - they replaced a centre muffler = fixed.

            have one in the seatbelt pillar - comes from the plastic cover of the top seat belt anchor (right at ear hight...#%[email protected]# anoying)
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              plastic trim around shifter rattles, cup holder rattles sometimes when a bottle is sitting in it, been like that from when I 1st got it.
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                I am happy (or lucky) (or deaf) to report that I have not noticed anything. I've always got the radio or CD on but only on around a volume of 20 so not very loud - and have not heard anything rattling in the car that wasn't the engine.

                My 5.5 year old Holden (Opal) Astra had a terribly rattly dash when new that was fixed on the 1st service - and apart from the odd noise , and has not be a problem in the remaining 5.4 years to date,

                Thus, I hope that anyone with a rattly dash (or other bits) will likewise have it fixed and never have a problem again - I guess this kind of thing happens to a selection of all cars regardless of make or model.
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                  My NP had nil rattles or squeaks, so it's disappointing to see that standards have dropped.

                  Maybe it was just when NS production was starting ?
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                    I've also had the piece of cardboard between the console and the dash - right near the hazard light swich. It had a weird sounding infrequent rattle. If you put a slight bit of pressure on the dash near that area it would stop (thumping it never helped stop it, but it helped me ). It took them two goes but they fixed it
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                      My GLX has an annoying tinkle/rattle behind the instruments, twice to the dealer with no result. How do you get the dash to bits now? I used to do it with the NM, but the screws have disappeared. Glove box rattles as well.
                      DID engine rattles have almost disappeared after 20 000kms and no ECU flash.


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                        Mine has no internal rattles or squeaks but has a bit of a buzz coming from the exhaust only at certain rpm, and only when cold. Has done it since new.

                        Most noticeable when first driven in the morning (engine cold), and you can here the buzz momentarily when the auto changes gear or at approx 2100rpm. You can also reproduce it if you shift into N and rev to around 3100rpm.

                        After its up to operating temp, the buzz is gone though! My money is on a slightly loose baffle or internal in the Cat or they would expand when hot and this would explain why it stops once the car is warm.

                        I've checked all the heat shields under the car and in the engine bay and its not any of them making the noise.
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                          Got the rattle around the gear lever as well. Inserted some felt between centre console and dash which has all but eliminated it.
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                            To be fair to the car.. most of my rattles are only present when going over rough stuff / bumps. When going on gravel road the dash seems to rattle a lot inside. Front windows (both), when wound half way down, seem to rattle too. Likewise, when open, rear windows (SWB) squeak whenever going over speed humps or driveways on an angle (chassis twisting a bit?).

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                              Be sure to report any "general body squeaks or rattles" within 3 months or 5000kms, because after that it is Owner Responsibility i.e. not covered under warranty.

                              If you have a squeak between two plastic parts, you could try squirting some Armorall in there.
                              Mike R. Sydney. Pajero GLS NX Silver Jan15. DiD Auto. STILL grossly disappointed with the errors in Speed Limits on major roads in my TomTom.


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