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Where's your compressor?

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  • Where's your compressor?

    Hi all, just wondering where people have their air compressors installed? Under bonnet? If so where abouts? Or, is it somewhere else?

    Pics would be great.
    2010 150 Prado GXL V6 Auto

    Accessories fitted: BFG At 275/65/R17, Rhino Platform Rack, Toyota Cargo Barrier.

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    I got a portable one - Bushranger Max Air II - so I can fit it anywhere and use with other cars and other purposes - kid's inlfatables etc
    NS SWB R DiD - B/stone D694's, BushSkinz plates, LRA aux tank(65L), custom Milford barrier, MM rear bar, Kingsley steps, Rhino HD bars & platfrom, Icom UHF, VMS 500 GPS ,Alpine X001 & Focals
    Toyota LC200 TD V8
    - MT ATZ's, ARB Deluxe Bar, Lighforce 170's, GME TX3340 UHF, Lovells Sus & GVM upgrade, Lone Ranger fuel & water tank, pump & tap, Kaymar wheel carrier, Milford barrier, ARB dual battery, custom fridge cage w BW slide, Rhino HD bars & platform


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      Not in a Paj, but mine is mounted in the gap beside the draws. Keeps it out of the dust and easy access to plug on a hose. The guarded switch stops it being knocked on by accident and the power is tapped off the fridge power. I also fitted a small tap in the hose at the tyre end and a pressure switch on the compressor. It makes it so much quicker inflating a tyre when the pump has already pressurised the tank and the line, rather than starting from scratch each time you check the pressure.


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        My compressor is mounted behind the rear left hand kick panel. Bit of a bugga tp get to it, but there is heaps of space behind there and the compressor isn't subjected to the heat/dust problems tha t it will face being mounted under the bonnet.

        Have a Gunmetal Grey NS V6 Exceed. Already raised with lovells, Poly airs, Colour coded ARB bullbar, Sidewinder Dual Batteries, WAECO CF50.... Just moved to Perth, wife and 2 girls and a bloody big boy dog.

        Build Racing bikes in my spare time - check out the link:


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          Had the old ARB compressor mounting under the bonnet and have now upgraded it to the new ARB CKMA12.
          Had to make up brackets and move a few things but all good in the end.

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