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  • Dust problem

    Just a general enquiry.
    The NM/NP models seem to have a major dust problem.
    Does the NS have the same problem?

    2011 NT. Now to transfer dual batteries, fridge slide, uhf & slider plates from previous NP.
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    There is a 'dust kit' that can be fitted to any NM/NP by Mitsubishi that fixes the dust sealing problems on some of the early built cars. Its free and takes quite a few hours because the dealer has to remove side panels etc to insert the sealing.

    NS doesn't seem to suffer any problems. Mine remained dust free on an offroad excursion that I did not long ago (lots of gravel road driving).
    NS GLX DID Auto, MM alloy bar, Kings Springs 35mm Lift, Polyairs, Cooper ATR Tyres 265/70/17, Spider chip.


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      A lot of the NM and early NP dust problems were due the thoughtless placement of the outlet air vents. They were placed at bottom of the rear body corners - but if a stone hit the inside of the bumper and bounced, it could hit the rubber one-way flaps and wedge them open.

      It shouldn't be a problem now, because it's now at the bottom of the left quarter panel behind the bumper bar - very inaccessible to rocks (and people).

      If you want to check it, you will have to -
      - remove the mudguard trim
      - remove the rear step
      - remove the bumper centre
      - remove the rear left bumper

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      Mike R. Sydney. Pajero GLS NX Silver Jan15. DiD Auto. STILL grossly disappointed with the errors in Speed Limits on major roads in my TomTom.


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        On recent trip lots of dust following others - no dust in car at all - turned the aircon to recycle(orange light on).
        NS SWB R DiD - B/stone D694's, BushSkinz plates, LRA aux tank(65L), custom Milford barrier, MM rear bar, Kingsley steps, Rhino HD bars & platfrom, Icom UHF, VMS 500 GPS ,Alpine X001 & Focals
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          On the long weekend we went up in the hills back of the murramurrang national park, extraordinary amount of dust for several hours driving. I had dust get past the seals at the bottom of the rear doors between the pillar and the door. You could see the tell tale feathered dust pattern on the metal where the dust got in. That said it was still only minor, absolutely nothing in the vents though and after a good wipe down of the interior when we got home, no dust inside or even smell of dust. Most of the dust came in with the usual stop and chat cup of tea type of door opening that happens in a group.

          In retrospect, teh vehicel had only around 600 km's on the clock, should have hit all the door seals with Silicon oil before the trip to improve the seal.

          Dan C
          Dan C; Stock NS Exceed DID Auto w T'bar, Magellan Explorist XL w DAST topo, Tom Tom One


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