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  • HID upgrades

    G'day all,

    Was just wondering who has done HID conversions on their NS Paj or their driving lights. I am looking at upgrading my low beams and then spotties once I get them.

    What brands have people used, and where did you get them? You can get kits on ebay for $100 (seems too cheap) to $1200-1500 from XenonOZ (too expensive). Have you had any problems?
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    I'll be interested so a comparison with the original HIDs - these are great because of their very wide beam - not just their brightness.

    I'm wondering if you convert the standard low beams to HID if you'll get the same beam pattern.
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      Converted a set of hella 4000's. The kit was a Kingwood, it was either the 4300K or 5000K (I can't remember). An auto elec mate of mine has been using them for trucks for a couple of years without problem. Essentially you end up with 4000 predator performance (same reflector and mounting system) for around $600 a set. You can also get reasonably priced HID upgrades for lightforce if you order out of the states.
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