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1st NS 4x4 Adventure

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  • 1st NS 4x4 Adventure

    Just thought i would let you all know how the NS went on it's 1st decent 4x4 adventure.

    On the weekend i went with 8 other cars on a 4x4/campng trip around the Blue Mountains.
    Was a mixture of cars from GQ Patrols with 4l Diesel & aftermarket Turbos and 4" lift with Mud tires etc etc, to a SWB NS DID Auto Pajero with no modifications at all and standard HT tires.

    My NS (LWB Petrol with a 50mm lift and new AT Tires) sat at the bottom end of modifications to the cars on the trip.

    All I can say is my NS and the SWB NS kept up with all the other 4x4 and had no dramas getting anywhere the rest did. It was very dry and there were some decent hill climbs etc however both managed them with ease.
    Being a long time between 4x4 drinks i relied more on MATT than the SWB NS driver however the MATT Smarts worked everytime and got me up some very steep hills. (Some much steeper than i was comfortable with)

    Overall the NS performed fantastic and I think suprised a few on the trip. I copped all sorts of s**t before the trip about being saved on river crossings and being winched out etc.

    My only worry on the whole trip was when i was cleaning the car last night and noticed the air filter had obviously let through some very fine dust.

    I took the air filter out to clean and on the intake side there was dust and crap galore but i noticed in a few spots of very fine dust on the clean side of the filter. I have a finer filter on my dirt bike and understand how they work, is there the same sort of filter available for the NS??

    It was 3 days of dusty driving and may not happen for a while again but i would prefer to be over cautious. Am i being overly worried or should i spend a few $100's and get a decent filter?


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    Come all, all this talk about your trip means nothing without pics.


    2010 Prado ZR 150 SWB
    1987 Range Rover Ute

    You tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is, never try. - Homer Simpson


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      Good to hear all went well. I dont know why so many people poopoo the Paj...It just continually suprises! Surly people shold now its capability by now?

      By hte way - what suspension/brand/kit do you have (to get your 50mm lift)
      NS Exceed (03/07 build) - ARB Bull Bar (Colour Coded), Tough Dog Suspension (Ajustable Shocks) 2" lift (more like 3" in the back ) NOW REPLACED WITH OME and much happier IPFs with HID upgrade - Bushman fridge with Extension, Rhino Cross Bars - No DPF probs - Duel Battery set on the way.


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        What tracks did you do

        All sounds good, I am always looking fro new tracks to tackle, do you have any GPS logs that I can use in Oziexplorer to chase out your tracks, or major coords of which tracks you did.


        Dan C
        Dan C; Stock NS Exceed DID Auto w T'bar, Magellan Explorist XL w DAST topo, Tom Tom One


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          Once again I have to apologise, as I said been a long time since having a 4x4 and toys have certainly improved 10 fold.
          No GPS cordinates etc as i didn't even think to take mine along. Took the Navman to get there but negelected the GPS. Will ensure next trip I take it.

          1st night was spent at the above mentioned camping ground and then the next 2 days we went bush to end up at Jenolan Caves.

          As far as pics i am at a loss for them as well. Being the good son I lent my camera to my parents for a backup camera on a long holiday and have no pics of my own.
          I will be getting copies in the next few weeks so will re visit this thread when I do. Not sure how exciting they will be however I will post.

          I heard all the taunts over the weekend (all in good fun) and ended up being water off a ducks back. The general themes were

          1. Mine being the only petrol and all others diesel so I will faulter at all river crossings.

          2. Not being a full chassis means it's not a full 4x4

          3. Cant get it too dirty as i need to pick up the grocerys on Monday

          4. I was an operator not a driver because of the smarts of MATT.

          Was pretty good to listen to all the taunts each night and then the next day go exactly the same places and in most cases do it easier than the rest.

          As far as suspensions lifts go, I went cheap and did a spring upgrade only from Pedders.
          Ended up only costing $620 for supply/installation and wheel align etc.
          Once again most were suprised at result with not a huge spend. I realise that there are much better/expensive options etc. I only expect this car to be around for 4 years so wanted to get the best "bang for buck"
          If shocks flog out within 4 years etc I will look at upgrading both springs and shocks but for what i expect to use it for the spring upgrade is enough. My main 4x4 will be on the beach with maybe 3-4 bush 4x4 trips a year.
          So far I am happy with the Pedders springs, Firmer ride, better clearance and doesn't compress as quickly as before.



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            Got any pics????
            NS GLX DID Auto, MM alloy bar, Kings Springs 35mm Lift, Polyairs, Cooper ATR Tyres 265/70/17, Spider chip.


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              They are coming, Hopefully this weekend I can post the pics.


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