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HELP! Mystery Oil Leak NT 2010

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  • HELP! Mystery Oil Leak NT 2010

    My trusty 2010 NT which has served us beautifully left us a surprise oil patch on the driveway a week back on the drivers side. The blue circle in the picture is where the wheel stops and you can see the oil on the driveway right where the wishbone is.

    Vehicle is 3.2 DiD auto 212km.

    Inspecting the underside of the car, the oil had dripped from the lower wishbone.

    The oil is a pale yellow colour and clean, it is not black engine oil.

    I am suspecting the front shock absorber but I can't see where the oil is coming from. Both front shock have a thin film of oil all over them and ride height is 490mm from centre hub to bottom of guard which I understand is normal ride height.

    Car is driving and handling normally, and it doesn't seem to be leaking any more.

    I'm completely stumped what it can be - i took the tyre off the inspected but cannot find the source of the issue.

    Appreciate help from any gurus what to look for and check try to diagnose the issue.
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    Not much of a suggestion, (I'm not a guru)

    Maybe take the wheel off and wipe the shocker as clean as you can. Check it again fairly regularly and if it's leaking, you should be able to see oil buildup.
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      Unsure what colour shocker oil is, but yellow sounds odd.

      Have you checked your brake fluid level (& colour)? Also check power steer fluid.
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        Logic thinking i like to apply, if the Chrome rod of your strut has thin film of oil on it, i suggest it came out of the strut.

        A thin film of oil all over your struts, both of them, it's not engine oil, would have to be a hell of a diff leak & tranny can't leak onto both struts, power steering dry components, full resevoir & highly unlikely to leak onto both struts only.
        CV boots intack, wheel bearing area dry.

        Therefore i conclude, your struts are knackered .

        The only oily bit being the strut & directly below the strut, i would say he's your man, main suspect as to the culprit.

        Stick your finger in the lower spring seat & wipe it around?
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          Turns out to be front shocks. $1280 @ MM for the pair!!


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            Originally posted by alandavis View Post
            Turns out to be front shocks. $1280 @ MM for the pair!!

            I hope you walked.


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              Originally posted by alandavis View Post
              Turns out to be front shocks. $1280 @ MM for the pair!!
              Ouch! How many kms on your Pajero?


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                Time to upgrade your shocks. Our Koni’s on the NP go well


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                  Originally posted by alandavis View Post
                  Turns out to be front shocks. $1280 @ MM for the pair!!
                  Ha, what a joke. You could put actual decent shocks all round and have hundreds left over for that price. Run don’t walk from the dealer.
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