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Cruise Control Random Failures

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  • Cruise Control Random Failures

    NOTE: This is a continuation of a post I made on one of the Paj FB pages last month. If any of you who replied to that message are here, I thank you again, however this issue goes on.

    Had lots of trouble with the cruise control on my NT since the end of January.

    It will randomly just stop working at any time under any conditions (uphill, downhill, fast, slow, smooth, bumpy), and will not re-engage, at least straight away.
    Sometimes it failed after 5-10 minutes, sometimes ~30min, sometimes never.
    Turning the car off and back on will allow it to be set again, however this doesn't stop it from failing again.
    Sometimes after some time (was about 5-10 min, now more like 30 maybe) it will respond to setting speed again.

    Did a drive from Adelaide to Bathurst for the 6-hour race over Easter, played up the whole way there and back:
    On the way there it never came good on it's own, but pulling over, switching it off and on would restore it and it didn't then fail again until switching it off again.
    On the way back it would fail only minutes after switching it on, pulling over and switching off made no difference, but a couple times it would re-engage after slowing down to drive through a town then back up to speed.

    No indicators on the dash appear when it fails.
    I've got my phone on a dash mount, and have done a ECU scan via Torque when it happens, no errors.

    Only the CC is affected, no issue with the other wheel buttons.

    List of what I've tried:
    Changed Clockspring with aftermarket unit from Clocksprings Aust, no difference, no change of symptoms, no affect on any other component of the wheel.
    Noticed the rubber stopper for the brake light switch was slightly indented, added some extra material to try and bring that back up level, no change.
    Swapped some cheap LEDs I found in the Parkers and Numberplate lights for standard T10s. Can't find any other LEDs in the car anywhere.

    Bloody fustrating since it's such a random issue it'll even be hard to get a auto-sparky to check it out.

    I've read every thread here I can find about CC and haven't found anything that works or would explain it.

    Added about as much detail as I can think to add, but please ask any questions for more details.
    2011 NT Pajero GLS 3.2 Auto

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    I would be checking the brake light switch to ensure it is adjusted correctly.

    If you have a manual transmission there is also a clutch switch that needs to be checked.

    It is not just the physical adjustment that needs checking but also the electrical continuity/switching of the switches.

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      If this is of any help, attached is a wiring diagram for the cruise control for the NT model I believe.
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        I have had the same problem for years, with a random dropout of the Cruise Control and not being able to set again. I have replaced the clockspring and stop switch. I have bridged the clutch switch, too exspensive to just replace on spec, but the problem persisted.
        I thought of the speed sensor may be intermittent or low signal level out but I would assume any other system that uses this signal would be affected too.
        Tis' a mystery.


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          Thanks for the responses everyone.
          I've had a play with adjusting the brake light switch, made sure it was in about the right place based on OJ's pic there, but no change.

          I did have a fairly-cheap BT OBD2 reader connected for running Torque/OBD2AA, which I noticed was in the circuit diagram posted, so I pulled that out and was doing really well for a week, but sadly it started doing it again on Sunday , really thought I had it there!

          Spose next I'll take off the brake light switch and check it with the multimeter, but I anticipate with the randomness of the fault I may not notice if it has a problem.
          If that doesn't reveal anything I suppose I'll be ordering a new switch next (at least they don't cost and arm and a leg).
          2011 NT Pajero GLS 3.2 Auto


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            Have you checked to see if there are any error codes stored? Might be worth a check with a MUT?

            Have you tried a battery off reset?
            Pajero NX MY21 GLS


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              Probably not much help, but if you have a random fault in your brake lights eg coming from the trailer plug, this will simulate you putting your foot on the brake pedal and the cruise control will drop out - as it should. So you can probably expect no error codes because it is doing exactly what it is supposed to do.


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                Originally posted by erad View Post
                Probably not much help, but if you have a random fault in your brake lights eg coming from the trailer plug, this will simulate you putting your foot on the brake pedal and the cruise control will drop out - as it should. So you can probably expect no error codes because it is doing exactly what it is supposed to do.
                Good point.

                To OP - were you towing to Bathurst? Is the fault worse when towing? Crook wiring in a trailer may also cause an issue, I wonder?
                Pajero NX MY21 GLS


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                  Thanks everyone

                  Have checked the OBD several times, never an error.
                  MUT is the Mitsubishi diagnostic port yeah? I can't test that myself, might have to see if my mechanic has one. (don't really want to go to a dealer, they'll probably try and slug me for the pleasure)
                  I believe I've had the battery off since it started, but worth a shot. Disconnect for about 10 minutes or so?
                  I have caught the fault at night before, and didn't see the brake lights coming on, not sure how else I would check for the trailer plug thing.
                  Was not towing to Bathurst (don't have that much money!). Fault when towing was no different however (tried on multiple trailers as well).
                  2011 NT Pajero GLS 3.2 Auto


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                    Had exactly the same situation during a trip home yesterday. I swapped the brakelight switch with a mates NS...........Now had cruise control. I had replaced the brakelight switch last year. Pulled the faulty one apart { it worked fine in mates NS}. Have ordered an OEM switch. The one I had bought was an aftermarket one and upon inspection ...i.e.....pulling it apart...there was a brown deposit on the contacts. Anyway to cut a long story short....Brakelight switch solved the problem...I also put in 2 new T20 brake light globes as a precaution. Mate is an excellent diesel mechanic..put a Mutt on and cleared a few codes and was 100% confident BEFORE I swapped switches that the issue would be the switch. Good luck
                    Dicko. FNQ

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                      Maybe another lead for you...for my 2010 NT V6 I did notice random CC drop outs and they stopped after I got one of the fuel delivery hoses above the in tank fuel filter (under middle rear seat) connected properly (2 clicks all the way)...not one CC issue for 5 months after this was fixed. Maybe take a look in this area? Fuel filter(s)? Hose connection? Etc


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