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2011 NT Pajero - Blinker, high beam, eratic wiper speed

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  • 2011 NT Pajero - Blinker, high beam, eratic wiper speed

    Hi All,
    I am having 3 issues:
    1. Eratic wiper speed issues - works fine on slow and fast but on auto there is no adjustment in the speed and sometimes it just goes fast for no reason.
    2. Sometimes when going from high beam to low, I lose all lights. Frantic pulling the blinker stem and flashing oncoming drivers gets the lights to work again.
    3. Sometimes when indicating left turn, the blnker does not work. Forcing the stem up beyond the normal activating stage gets the blinker working and all is normal.

    Apparently, it has had all the recall work done.
    The local Mitsi dealer is not keen on pulling it apart, and ran a diagnostic? which come back all clear.
    Car runs fine but I'm doing a Cape trip at some stage and would like to remove any potential gremlins.
    Any advice or experience would be appreciated.



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    The front wipers and the headlights are controlled by the front ECU. I have no idea as to where this is mounted, but since it works some of the time, it is probably still functional. Fuse No 7 (15 amps) in the Fuse Box (I think that is the fuse box in the engine bay) feeds the front ECU, as does Fuse No 5 (10 amps) - I think that is the fuse box inside the car. It is worth checking these fuses specifically for continuity and quality of contact.


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