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Ten Year Warranty Gone!

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  • Ten Year Warranty Gone!

    From what I read in todays press Mitsubishi has dropped the Ten Year Warranty in favour of a lower initial purchase price.

    This will take effect from the end of this month with no impact on existing owners and thier vehicles.

    Reasons were for example people buying a Pajero etc. will keep it less than 5 (3?) years and the travellers amongst us who will keep them longer for touring will excede the kilometers allowed under the extended warranty.

    This evidently is to apply across the board on all Mitsubishi products and in fact the figure quoted was for a base model Lancer would be $1700 cheaper!
    I don't know what that means to a $60K Pajero but from memory I think they quoted a drop of $8000 on an Evo.

    Interesting from a few angles, one from my point of view is the sudden drop in value of the $60k Pajero second hand value.............


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    Info brought up a while ago now
    That thread is ready about 4 pages long


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      Ooops sorry about that, I've had a search now and found the one with a couple of pages, I guess there must be more.

      We were on the road for about six weeks and was reading the minimum posts and normally keep to NT and occasionally NW anyway.

      Oh well I guess anyone that does as I do may be interested, at least now it's about to happen.


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