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  • Fuel Filter MIcron Rating NT DIesel

    Thought I'd share a few websites which provide an indication of Mitsubishi Fuel Filter MI1770A053 filteration capacity.

    A search of the site:

    Provides a cross reference to Mitsubishi, Donaldson, Baldwin and Ryco. The mitsubishi filter is 1770A53 ie MI deleted.

    A search of Donaldson's fuel catalogue below

    indicates the following for the Donaldson P550385 - FUEL PRIMARY 50% [email protected] 10 microns. ( ctrl F and insert P550385 into search bar to search document.)

    Donaldson state that their filters are equivalent or better than OEM.

    I found it interesting that the Ryco Z699 was not included in the crossreference.

    Information from Ryco website

    Provided the answer. (The filter may not of been around when the Donaldson catalogue was developed)

    Z699 Fuel Filter
    Ryco have just released the Z699 fuel filter for Common Rail
    diesel applications. With a similar external design as the
    Z252X, the Z699 has a much high efficiency filter media
    inside with a nominal rating of 5 micron

    I'll leave it to others to research if the Donaldson site is referring to absolute or nominal ratings to keep the topic going.

    I know what filter I'll be using next time.
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    NOMINAL MICRON RATING: This is the ability of the media to retain
    particles of a specific size. This rating is given by the particle size followed
    by the percentage. For example a nominal rating of 50% at 10micron, means
    that the media retains 50% of the particles which are sized as 10 micron.

    - ABSOLUTE MICRON RATING: This rating is obtained using a single pass
    test. A single pass test is performed by passing a contaminated liquid through
    the filter media. Any particles that pass through the media are captured and
    measured. This rating gives you a retention percentage of 98.7%

    Donaldson was also referring to nominal micron rating

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      Please find info re z699 fuel filter from RYco

      Part No
      RYCO Z699

      Particle Size
      Beta Ratio

      > 4 µm(c)

      > 5 µm(c)

      > 6 µm(c)

      > 7 µm(c)

      > 8 µm(c)

      > 10 µm(c)

      > 12 µm(c)

      > 14 µm(c)

      > 15 µm(c)

      > 17 µm(c)

      > 20 µm(c)
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        Information to date indicates Z699 Ryco filter is 94.4% efficient at 4 microns.

        The following information is from the Racor site:

        New high pressure common rail fuel injection

        systems require high efficiency in removal of small

        particles. The requirement is 95% for 3 micron


        It looks like the Ryco filter just about makes the Racor specification.
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          Donaldson filters

          Please find below an email I sent to Donaldson filters a few weeks ago to confirm P550385 specifications.

          No reply!!!!!!!

          HI Guys

          Info from

          indicates the Donaldson P550385 fuel filter has 50% [email protected] 10 microns.

          To me this seems incorrect.

          Could you please confirm micron efficency for the P550385 as I want to use the best fuel filter in my NT pajero.

          A Z699 Ryco filter is 94.4% efficient at 4 microns. I am looking for a diesel fuel filter with 95% efficency at 3 microns. ANy suggestions

          Take care and thanks

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            New 3 micron filter kit on the way.

            Donaldson filters replied this morning:

            In short:

            The P550385 is rated at 12um (micron) @97.5%.

            Donaldson are developing a 3 micron 99% efficiency filter kit which will be available early next year.

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              Donaldson 3 micron secondary filter

              Recived the following specifications from Donaldson Filters.

              The P551615 is the 3um filter, and is in stock now.

              The P903316 is the new kit part number, and will include 2 of the 3um filters.

              The new filter kits will be available in the new year. I was quoted $99 which is great value

              Kit will be similiar to:


              (Perhaps google PDF P902976 DIESEL FUEL KIT)

              but with the 3 micron 114 LPH filter

              Installing the filter before the original filter and changing the filter annually or earlier if required is recommended.

              Please contact your local state supplier or contact Donaldson on 1800 345 837 to identify a retailer.

              Please note I have no association with Donaldson filters however I must state that I have been really impressed by their customer service and have a string of emails clarifying information.

              I started this thread researching the specifications of the original filter, stumbled across Racor's recommendation for CRD as 3 microns at 95% efficiency and ended up being convinced that a large capacity additional filter with little reduction in pressure and flow rate, with specifications of 3 microns and 99% efficiency is the way to go.

              I'll leave it up to others to list the alternatives that meet the above specifications

              I'll start a new thread re this new Donaldson product when I have some info re barb size and hose specifications.

              Please note: I recommend others complete their own research to ensure a product meets their personal requirements


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                3 micron filter

                Quote " Installing the filter before the original filter and changing the filter annually or earlier if required is recommended."

                Great Info Hill, Well done and thank you as a second filter is on the wish list!

                I am curious and wonder if you know why they recommend a 3 micron filter to be installed before the original (10 micron) filter? ie why not keep the original 10 micron and water switch as a "pre filter" and use the 3 micron as the polishing filter.

                Regards, Neil
                2000 NM 2.8TD GLS in SA


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                  HI Neil,

                  Thanks for you interest and feedback.

                  Re Primary/Secondary filter

                  I had the same thought and asked Bruce Evans from Donaldson Filters the below question. Reply is also below. Perhaps the most telling part is the final sentence re warranty. Bruce makes some very valid points re the handling of diesel within Australia ie we start off with good quality fuel which gets contaminated through the supply chain.

                  I also had a duel fuel filter set up on my NL 2.8 4M40T Pajero. For this I ran a Baldwin BF 1226 before the factory filter. The new Donaldson 3 micron filter will have a much greater capacity than the 1226 however for the 4M40T it may be a bit overengineered.

                  Hi Bruce,

                  Re: To provide better filtration protection for your engine, we recommend installing an additional fuel water separating filter assembly, fitted before your existing filtration.

                  Given that:

                  the P551615 that is rated at [email protected]%

                  and the P550385 is rated at 12um @97.5% ( same or better than original filter)

                  and the vehicle has an warning light for water contamination/(and I think low flow)

                  Would it not be preferable to fit the P551615 after the original filter.

                  This would allow the original filter to do some initial filtering, pick up water contamination and warn driver via warning light being activated and allowing the P551615 to do some finer filtering and provide a second chance of water being trapped.

                  What am I missing??

                  Thanks again

                  Donaldson's reply

                  Your reasoning is quite logical, and this makes sense, but we look at it from a different point of view.

                  The OE filtration system is designed to provide clean fuel to the engine, but to do this, it is assumed that the fuel being put in the vehicle is already reasonably clean to start with.

                  In Australia, when the fuel leaves the manufacturer, it has a good cleanliness level. Each time the fuel is handled, transferred, decanted etc. contamination is added. Unfortunately, by the time it reaches the end user, it is sometimes far from clean, and often has water in it to add to the woes of vehicle operators.

                  We look at using our additional filtration, installed before the factory fit filter, to restore the fuel cleanliness to a level where the OE filter can deliver fuel of an acceptable cleanliness to the injectors.

                  By removing 99% of the contamination, the OE filter only needs to filter the remaining 1%.

                  Further, the water separating process is not 100% efficient. By using our filter to remove most of it, the factory warning light is still there to warn of an issue if there is either too much for our filter to remove, or even as a reminder to drain our filter if the bowl has reached capacity.

                  Some factory fitted fuel filter assemblies have built in return lines, and buy installing our filter before the OE, ALL the fuel is being filtered, rather than the small amount that continues to the engine. This is constantly improving the overall cleanliness of the fuel in the tank, something that would not happen if it was mounted after the OE filter.

                  Some OE filter assemblies can have pressure sensitive systems that “could” be affected by an additional load applied after them.

                  Finally, by not altering the OE to engine fuel system, you are preserving your factory warranty.


                  Bruce Evans | Product Manager

                  Donaldson Australasia Pty Ltd

                  Phone:+61 2 43502052 | Fax: +61 2 43512025 | Mobile:+61 (0)457 756916

                  [email protected]|

                  Thank you for considering the environmental impact of printing emails.
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                    Good research there Hill.
                    .Previously an NP GLX 3.8 auto RIP
                    NS VRX DiD auto. RIP.


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                      I guess my only issue with using a 3 micron filter is just how much does it interfere with the fuel flow?
                      The common rail engines need some pretty specific flow rates and I wonder if the 3 micron unit will cause issues?
                      Regards Andrew.
                      2019 MR Triton bog stock at the moment but that will change.


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                        Flow Rate

                        The P551615 is rated at 114LPH.

                        Donaldson also provided some info re reduction of pressure - estimated at less than 1psi.

                        My understanding is that the P551615 is a large capacity filter. (around 260mm length). A P550588 which the 1615 replaces has three times the surface area of a CAV filter.

                        Also remember that the filter is on the suction side.

                        see below for another Donaldson email. Bruce Evans has provided permission for his emails to be uploaded.

                        The P551615 filter is rated at 114lph, the same as the P550588 [email protected]% currently included in the kit. At that flow rate, we rate the pressure drop at less than 1psi, however this is a very conservative figure and it is actually much lower than that. We prefer to perform better than we promise.

                        Regarding service intervals, we always recommend using the same interval as the factory filter as this reduces the chance of overloading the fuel pump and or starving the motor due to a blocked filter, although I do know of users who replace them less frequently, but please always do so at least annually.

                        Obviously, the 3um filter will remove more contaminant from the fuel and will therefore, all else being equal, reach capacity sooner than the 11um filter.

                        Please feel free to include these details on your club site. We are very happy to assist where we can.

                        Merry Christmas

                        Bruce Evans | Product Manager

                        Donaldson Australasia Pty Ltd

                        Phone:+61 2 43502052 | Fax: +61 2 43512025 | Mobile:+61 (0)457 756916

                        [email protected]|

                        Thank you for considering the environmental impact of printing emails.
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                          Hill, please let us all know when a kit is available from Donaldson, and if you have bought one where from.
                          I'd like the extra insurance of another fuel filter inline.
                          Regards Andrew.
                          2019 MR Triton bog stock at the moment but that will change.


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                            Diesel care do a Primary and Secondary bolt on kit for the Pajero.
                            NT GLS Manual.