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centre diff lock

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  • centre diff lock

    Hi all,
    is there a way I can set up a switch to allow me to engage low range but leave the centre diff lock disconnected similar to 4h??
    It would be helpful when I back my boat etc as its a manual and I want to take some load off the clutch but avoid transmission wind up if turning corners etc.
    Cheers Mark

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    A similar previous discussion concluded the centre diff lock is mechanically intertwined with low range - can't get into low range without locking the centre diff. The common solution for what you want to do is prevent the front diff actuator from engaging - similar in concept to not engaging free wheeling hubs. This is done by playing with vacuum solenoids under the bonnet.
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      thanks nj swb
      yep that would work, essentially giving me 2wd low range for slow speed manovering without drive train wind up
      I'll dig through with a search to try and find the earlier post as well as have a look at the wiring diagram for front diff solenoid operation
      Cheers Mark


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