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Mounting boost/EGT gauge

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  • Mounting boost/EGT gauge

    Hi, I'm just wondering if there's an easy way to access the upper right side of the dash to mount extra gauges. I'm planning on putting in a boost gauge and EGT gauge in the position pictured below and I don't want to dismantle half the interior to get them there.

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    I've often thought EGT would be a practical addition, never get around to it.

    The boost gauge is all sorted here though.
    What worked for me was to mount a scangaugeII just to the right of where your gauge is intended to be (on the driver side of that little air vent). This will give you boost reading, as well as many other gauges incl. auto transmission temp. (Unfortunately not EGT though). At least then you will only need to mount one round-dial gauge where you have indicated.

    How are you running the feed from your EGT sender to the intended location, and which EGT sender unit are you planning on getting ?

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      I haven't actually got around to getting the EGT yet but when I do it'll be the same as the boost gauge, an Autometer Cobalt. I'm not sure what sender unit it comes with (if it comes with one at all).

      I had a quick look this afternoon and I'm just wondering if anyone can tell me if the air vent just pulls straight out (after taking the side panel off the dash)? I think it does but I don't want to pull at it too hard invade I break something.


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