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Rattle'n Cat....?

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  • Rattle'n Cat....?

    I had my 45,000km/36 month service done a few weeks back and the dealer said, I had a rattle in my Catalytic Converter?? I can't say I had heard anything in the cabin myself, but they could hear it while up on the hoist.
    They said, book it in ASAP and they'll fit a new one, under warranty of course. I made sure of that!!
    Well, today I got it fitted, being a little sceptical the first thing I did when I got home was pop the bonnet and check it out, sure enough, a brand new Cat. I was surprised how big the whole assembley was. As there's about 100mm of pipe + flange, out from the exhaust manifold (drivers side). Then the Catalytic Converter, then when I checked underneath, there's a curved 600mm length of pipe, running from the Cat, across from the drivers side to the passenger side of the vehicle, roughly under your feet in the drivers seat. All brand new pipe.
    I also thought, why did they suggest I get a new one fitted, at their cost, without me complaining? I know it's an "emission control" device, but is it the dealers responsibility to make sure my vehicle is running clean while under warranty, or what? Don't get me wrong, I'm glad they picked the problem up.
    I checked some videos after doing a Google search, and some of those Catalytic Coverters rattled and were blocked, big time.
    I did ask also if there had been been any other NT's, or whatever, that needed a new Cat fitted and she said, only a couple?? The thing is, this is only 3 years old and not a lot of K's?
    Cheers, Tony.

    Silver Streak.

    2010 NT (Nov) Platinum Pajero, DiD auto, Iron Bark.
    Factory Tow-bar, Colour coded ARB Deluxe Bullbar, Hankook Dynopro RT03 MT Tyres, 265/R70x17, Bilstein/Lovell HD 2" lift kit, Bushskinz underbody protection plates, Navar Blue 225's, TJM Airtec Snorkel, Tinted Pajero Bonnet Protector, Uniden UH7750NB UHF-CB, Rhino Rack Sunseeker ll Awning (2.5m x 2m), Full Tint + UV film on privacy glass, Dash Mat, Techniice 60ltr Fridge/Freezer.

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