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Firewall space to take wires from engine bay to cabin

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  • Firewall space to take wires from engine bay to cabin

    I am trying to do a self install on my CB and some lights and can't seem to get the cables from the engine bay to under the cubby on the passenger side. Do I need to take panels off or something? Can someone post some pictures of how they get wires through. I am new to working on the car myself.

    It's a NT 2011, diesel.

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    Inside the Engine Bay on the Passenger Side is a Wiring Loom that goes into the Cabin, it enters under the carpet so use a stiff wire and tape Your wires to the end of it, then pull it through. Use a bit of black silicone if you have gaps around the gromit.
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      Does the NT not have the old antenna hole (plugged with black rubber grommet) to the right of the loom as the NS does, makes it very easy on the NS to feed cables into the cabin.
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        Yes it does and as I found the hard way it is easier than using the full wiring harness entry but either will get it done.


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          Thanks everyone, I also just found another thread about this whole process.


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