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2010 Pajero NT 3.2 Diesel Oil Change

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  • 2010 Pajero NT 3.2 Diesel Oil Change

    I have changed the oil and filter in my Pajero today and refilled it with 9.8 litres of oil as per the book (7.5 sump, 1.0 oil filter and 1.3 in oil cooler).

    When I checked the oil, engine warm but stopped for a while, the level appears too high on the dip stick and I am preparing to go away towing the van and don't want to do any engine damage.

    Has anyone got any suggestions as I thought the oil cooler would drain at the same time as the sump and filter (removed).



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    9.8 is the dry engine capacity.

    It doesn't all drain out - my NW needs a bit over 9 litres incl. a filter change.

    I think you will need to get some out. I assume you would loosen but not remove the sump plug & let some drip out, but it would take a while & I suspect there may be a risk the single use washer doesn't re-seal properly. There are others who had the same issue & had to remove some - hopefully they will share their solution.

    There are previous threads on this topic which include much useful advice - try searching using Google if the search window in the forum doesn't find them for you.
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      X2 Overfilled.

      More controlled option is to remove oil filter and drain into a clean container. This should bring it within specs. A little overfull is ok ie couple of mm up full mark.

      To check run for a minute or until oil light is out. Let sit for a minute and check. This will allow a reasonable amount of oil to return to oil pan.
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        X3 overfilled. I did the same thing last week. I just loosened the sump nut and let some out, the washer held up fine for me.


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          I can normally only get 9 litres in when I change the engine oil. It sounds like yours is overfilled.

          To play it safe, best to take some out. Although I haven't done it on the Pajero, I have used a large syringe with a hose on it to remove oil from an over filled sump via the dip stick hole.
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            Pajero Overfill

            Spot 01, Hill, Crojo and Jp,

            Thanks for your replies. I ended up draining a couple of litres from the sump plug and found how interesting it is to plug the sump with one thumb while the other hand changed the sump plug gasket (I had a spare).

            It is the first time I have changed the Pajero oil as interim oil and filter changes have been quoted from $250 to $377 dollars. It would have taken me 30 minutes (most time waiting for the oil to drain) plus oil and filter cost me $10 litre for synthetic and $53 for the Mitsi filter. I will probably go Ryco next time as the Mitsi filter are made in Thailand now.

            Next time I will progressively fill the sump and check the dip stick like I used to on other vehicles now that I know the 9.8 litres is a dry fill figure.

            It is interesting how Mitsi dealers charge for 9.8 litres of oil at service time and at an exhorbitant $20 per litre. I only had to buy 20 litres to get it at $10 litre for 5w40 full synthetic the same as the dealers use in my area.

            Thanks again for your help.




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              I have never replaced gasket on sump plug on 2x pajero and this would have been around 30 oil changes.

              Never had an issue.

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                Ryco filters are made in Thailand as well I think.
                I am with Hill, very rare to change a washer here as well.
                I changed the oil on my NS recently, and yes, around the 9ltr mark.
                Just checked the level yesterday, and spot on.
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                  I always refill with 8 litres after an oil and filter change, that's enough to start the engine and get the oil circulating safely and then add more to top it up to the high mark, usually about another half litre.


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                    I've always emptied a whole 10 litre container of penrite HPR diesel 5 when changing oil (plus filter every time) at 5k to 8k intervals with no probs. Touch wood 80k on the clock and no issues, drives like new. It does read over full on the stick but not by much.

                    Only used either genuine or donaldson filters. The ryco filters are physically smaller.

                    The most difficult part would be removing the bushskinz sump plate......
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