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LED high & low beam replacement globes

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    How can a projector be suitable for D2S and D5S when arc centres are 27.1mm and 18mm from base, respectively? Your dimensions are overall length, not distance to centre of arc.

    25W ballasts are a much cheaper, and easier, solution for those who don't want to exceed ADR luminous flux specifications.



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      Yeah I clarified at the bottom of the post - D8S is the target bulb I am using. It fits into anything that uses a D3S fitting, so technically those projectors are D1S,D2S, D3S, D4S (NOT D5S, arc capsule is in the wrong place) D6S, D7S/DLS,D8S.

      Differences are D1S/D2S are 85V, mercury bulbs, and D3S/D4S/D5S/D6S/D7S/DLS/D8S are mercury free 42V. D5S has a different arc location to the rest, and an integrated ballast.

      There will be a locator tab on a D2S projector that will need a corresponding tab filed on the bulb base to fit a D6S (25W) or D8S (25W)

      D6S is unusual out of the bunch because its a P32 base (Not PK32) and looks exactly like a D2S.

      25W ballasts are pretty easy to get now. E.g. Mitsubishi 8K0.941.597

      A D6S could fit anywhere a D2S can, and D8S anywhere a D3S can.

      I've got a pair of 25W ballasts removed from a Tesla Model 3 (although also fitted to ford focus, and mustang) coming, and some D8S bulbs for testing actual output in the OEM single xenon projector headlamps and also aftermarket G5 bixenons.

      I'm reasonably sure that 25W in a good 3" Bixenon projector will outdo 35W in the OEM single xenon projector.

      Looking at the OEM projectors, it seems that a D8S isn't going to fit without modifications (the lip is too tall around the bulb to fit) so a D6S will be necessary.


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        Originally posted by Jasonmc73 View Post
        All this light talk but someone just post a decent set of globes hi & lo

        On a 1600k trip recently, I found low beam like candles & high beam quite good when you 1st flick them on from low beam as I was use to driving by candle lights

        I have no clue about lights, less than zero knowledge although recently I worked out 5000 kelvins is plenty enough of those & a few less would probably be good
        All halogen headlamps are rubbish and easy led drop ins are only marginally better, you are straight up wasting time with cheap leds, even stedi. Headlamps are basically designed for suburb driving were there Is st lights and road markers.
        the problem is high beams are largely useless in many places due to traffic and that low beam is all your allowed but you cant do jack with 1200-1500lm per bulb in lamp that is just awful, so I have driven in many places were you actually can get into accident easy because of the bad roads, rain, oncoming glare from legal headlamps etc. Your mad if you drive a fully loaded rig in poor areas with bad/stock low beams.
        out in dark rural and country areas were roads are neglected 50watt hid is what you want.

        well that's how it happens in my world, I dont attend industry meetings for wank factor or spread lies about CRI.

        2000 NM Exceed Auto V6 3.5