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Static electricity

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  • Static electricity

    Is it just me ? fair dinkum since I have had the NW every single time I exit the Paj and I touch it I get a belt!I fitted a static belt but to no avail ! er !!

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    G'day old plumber,
    I seem to be susceptible to static and I have got into the habit of holding the metal on the door as I get out. WorKs for me!


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      I got a Gen4.1 I think it's one of the lest staticy cars I've owned.
      2007 NS VRX Cool Siver, Mitsu Alloy BB with spotties, MM towbar, Family Pack, ARB Awning, Duel battery with Optima yellow top starter, Bushskinz intercooler and sump combo, 2" lift with Bilstein shocks and HD Lovels, Ultragauge (Sold 2014)


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        Agree. My NM would zap me at the slightest provocation. NW is much better.

        Fitting a static belt won't help because the car is already grounded. What you need to do is ground yourself, because it is you that is carrying the static charge, not the car.


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          Me too. Fitted an anti strap , which was good for about 3 weeks, but has started again recently ? Dont begin to understand !


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            i swear my nt didnt do it until my 30k service, but its every now and then so i didnt make anything of it till now...
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              The soles of your shoes is what does it. I get zapped wearing certain shoes mixed with the dry and windy weather.
              Try bare foot or different shoes and see if you still get zapped.


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                Different pants, it's your bum sliding across the seat when you get out that creates most if the energy. NW seat material may make it more susceptible...
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                  100% sheepskin seat covers and mine does it too.
                  Regards and best wishes Johnv,

                  2012 NW Active, Ironbark, 3.2 DiD Auto

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                    Originally posted by reformedjeeper View Post
                    100% sheepskin seat covers and mine does it too.
                    Kiwis have a lot of problems with static electricity


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                      Yes me too. BTW I have a 2WD sedan as well as the PJ and get zapped from it as well.

                      It seems to be dependant on the weather/ time of year. Right now it is bad in Sydney. I assume because it is dry.
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                        Gee I thought it was just me, every time I get out of the NT.......
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                          I use the anti static spray from the laundry dept at the super market .Works,& I keep it in the car & use when needed.Spray all over all seats.


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                            Always had static from my NT. When I remember, after being bitten a few times during the day, I use my elbow to close my door. Seems to be better than the zap to the end of my finger.
                            For a matter of interest, which way does the flow of electricity come from?? From the build up of static in our bodies, or from static in the vehicle??
                            Cheers, Tony.

                            Silver Streak.

                            2010 NT (Nov) Platinum Pajero, DiD auto, Iron Bark.
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                              Static Electricity

                              Originally posted by chriso of penrith View Post
                              The soles of your shoes is what does it. I get zapped wearing certain shoes mixed with the dry and windy weather.
                              Try bare foot or different shoes and see if you still get zapped.
                              The wife and I are having the same Zapping Trouble, I had to go out the back and Earth myself with a water pipe to get rid of it, Dry Winds starting in Adelaide now. We'll have to touch the Carport Pole before coming inside the house from now on. LOL .
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