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Replacing passenger side wing trim

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  • Replacing passenger side wing trim

    Has anybody had experience of replacing the body coloured plastic over wing wheel arch trim? Mine has been damaged in a small garage door altercation. It looks to be mostly bolted on the whole, but there's a few rivets that need drilling by the look of it. I shudder to think how much Mitsu are going to want to supply this pre painted.

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    We are talking about the wheel arch mould on one of the front guards, right?

    It's held on with a series of screws and clips on the underside and clips only around the top edge. Toyota supply a lot of parts pre-painted but Generally Mitsubishi don't, so you'll need to get it painted.

    Big round figures? About $500 for supply, paint and fit. More if they're not careful and break some clips and have to replace the rubber that fits between mould and guard.

    If it's not severely damaged, i.e. just scratched, not bent or twisted or damaged clip mounts then just get it repaired. Some panel shops will do it, others won't. But there's a whole heap of mobile guys out there like KwikFix and TouchUp Guys who will happily come to you and do it for a couple of hundred.


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      Yes, the plastic moulding. $188 from Mitsu, and it comes pre painted, so not too bad. My only concern now is that according to the manual, it's fitted with a mixture of screws, rivets, plastic clips and double sided tape. I think I might book it in to have it have it done by someone with the correct tools.


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