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Pajero 2015 and iphone 5s

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  • Pajero 2015 and iphone 5s


    I would like to ask your assistance. Recently i bought a Pajero 2015 3.8.

    I was very enthusiastic about the car but also for the small convenience that i had with the USB and Bluetooth system. I thought i would be able to listen my favorite radio shows.
    Firstly i tried to connect it with Bluetooth. I used the voice control, i reached to the point that it is supposed to get connect with my iPhone but nothing.

    I did my research and i have tried several without success. My last solution is to upgrade it to ios 8.
    Still i would like to ask if any of you managed to connect your iPhone 5s with Bluetooth without upgrading the ios or if the upgrade to ios8 guarantee the solution in my problem.

    I said to myself it doesnt matter, i will connect it with usb. Unfortunately i had to face another issue. My iphone is charging and does play my songs. But if i want to listen my radio shows i cant. Even if i kill the music app it still starts playing. If i stop it, music starts again.

    I did my research and i think i found that the below is my only solution:

    Is it a solution? Is it the only one? For now i am using the charger cable.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions. I tried to find more solutions in the forum but i didnt.

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    iPhone 5S

    I have had no issues connecting my iPhone to the MMCS system in my pajero NX. I am using iOS 8.1.3 and the system picked up the phone through Bluetooth and also connects through the USB port. It did take 3 or 4 minutes to connect through the usb but plays perfectly. Check with your dealer.
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      It was happen with me when I install after market head unit. After I upgrade my ios working perfectly.
      Tips. You need to "forget" connection in your iphone , then try to connect it again. If there is an android that recognised by your head unit, iphone will lost connection and you need to connect it from the iphone BT setting

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