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  • Tyre Pressure

    Hi Guys, i own a 2017 Pajero GLS and have the stock 18inch tyres on it. As i have recently purchased the vehicle, i just wanted to know what is the recommended tyre pressure guide according to you guys for normal drives on highways. I hardly go offroading, the car is only used on sealed roads, so what tyre pressure would you recommend for the stock one for front and back.

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    I,ve a 2014 NW. Running Bridgestone 697at.. For bitumen running I use 33 front and 34 rear...When towing (2 tonne)..I go 35 front and 37 rear. Rotate every 5-7,000 and they are about 4/5 ths use..another 3-4,000klm left in them..5o,000klms so far..might just see 55,000klms
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      I run a bit higher than Dicko - on my current LT Yoki's and previous Bridgestone 693's I run 38 or so all round pretty much towing or not.
      This is on normal roads of course.
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        I run around 42-44 psi on my BFG KO2's towing or not, as they are rated 80psi Max & I find anything under 40 psi too soft 👍


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          Running Terrafirma's 38 all they way round & up the rears to 40 is towing heavy trailer.
          All the gear and some idea.....
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