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  • Mildura Mitsubishi

    I have had my 2009 2.5L Challanger serviced by Mildura's Mitsubishi dealer originally Hutchinson's, now Mildura Motor Holdings; for some 150,000km since I bought it with 75000km on the speedo from them, replacing a Kia Sorento.

    I'd recommend them for service, twice they have without argument guaranteed their work at their cost. The last incident illustrated this:
    - service at 220000km
    - wheel alignment 1500km later with new tyres at Bob Jayne showed leak apparently from steering rack.
    - annoyed why not identified when serviced 1500km previously
    - Mildura Motor Holdings at no cost to me cleaned engine and inspected after under vehicle protection removal, asked me to bring in after 2 weeks. ( 2 hours labour)
    - again underbody protection removal, full inspection, rectified over tightened sump plug and oil filter and sump sealage issue. Identified weep from rear main seal. No charge for 2 hours labour!
    - no argument, no blaming any individual, just "We could've done better."
    - got fixed quote for rear engine seal, happy with price so getting done Monday.

    A dealership that guaranteed their work, who admits that a rare ( twice since 1992) stuff up has occurred, and doesn't try to pad out a job deserves support.

    They could've said, "yep steering rack and rear seal" and not admitted sump plug and oil filter. But they were honest!

    I'd recommend them!!

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    They sound like a service centre. Often in the country you dont get alot of choice and end up with either someone who is cost driven or someone who is service driven. Clearly these guys and gals are service driven... a great quality to have.

    Alot of my suppliers or industry parts suppliers are country basis as i find the service is alot better. Not all but some I will be sure to put these in my CRM as a good option.
    95 White LWB Panda coloured GLS TD28 rebuilt running 18psi, 3" lift, 2" body lift, factory LSD maxxis bighorn MT - Club reg

    Daughters - 2003 NP Exceed Silver, 2" Lift, new race prepped 3.5 v6 (high comp king race bearings, hasting race rings) ported heads & inlet. Rebuilt Auto, extra cooler.

    Wifey - 2014 NW GLS White 3.2TD manual, 2" lift, 17" CSA Jackels, Maxxis Razr MT (275/70), bushskiz ubody, ARB Sahara, Smittybuilt 12000lbs Winch, dynema rope, twin batteries, GME tx4100, rear drawers


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      Just an update, rear seal fitted. Their invoice came in below the already quite reasonable quote, really pleased!!
      They spotted a slight seep from rear of auto transmission, I said fix while vehicle there, but to their dismay that particular seal not available. Service manager said Covid has created huge parts issues for even Mitsubishi. Said they'll do it next service, and discounted my invoice because of that supply issue; and threw in a free car wash.
      Can't be happier!


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