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Navara dodgy body lift

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  • Navara dodgy body lift

    Last year prior to our Robe S.A. trip my friend decided to get a 2inch body lift done on his D22 Navara. His car had done somewhere around 5000k's. The car was bought new and rolled out the showroom with ARB Bull Bar with Winch, ARB rear step, Canopy, and Tradesmans Roof Rack. The Body Lift was intended to complement the Black Sunraysia's and 32inch Muddy's.

    The Navara was sent to a Four Wheel Drive accessories store in FTG, Vic. They were chosen partly for their location and partly because they were a new local buisiness just starting out, support the locals and all that!
    They seemed professional, and were confident about the job. I am glad to say that they are no longer trading, so not much point in mentioning their name.

    To cut a very long story short while on our trip, somewhere up the coast way past Robe we noticed the cab on the Navara was rocking from left to right, closer inspection revealed the Bolts holding the rear of the cab to the chassis had loosened, one was gone and the other just about to drop out. 2 of the body blocks had fallen out putting all the wait on the centre mounts. This had caused the cab to twist and caused a large crack to form in the front windscreen. We hunted through the cars and found a couple of rolls of Duct Tape that were almost the same thickness as the missing blocks. We wedged them in place and used some very large cable ties to hold them in place. It worked well enough to limp into a town where we found an Engineer who was able to cut some steel tube to the right length. Using some All-Thread from a hardware shop, a few Nylocks and some large washers we were in buissiness. It turns out the longer bolts that had been used for the lift were all different sizes and most had the wrong thread pitch, half were around 10mm too short so only 1 or 2 threads actually went in. The dodgy people had used some type of metal putty to hold them in place, and after a while the bolts just let go.

    The extra weight from the roof topper on the roof rack caused the ute tub to hit the back of the cab and caused two really big dents. When the company responsible for the job was shown what had happened, they agreed to fix it, but after failed attempts at lining up the tub with the cab, they refused to help anymore and told us there was no way the crack in the windscreen was caused by them. After looking under the car for less than 5 minutes at home we were able to figure out that some of the bolts were simply overtightened and were squashing the rubber bush. After we loosened them off the tub lined up almost perfectly.

    It was just lucky we noticed before any other bolts had fallen out otherwise things could have turned out much worse!
    I guess it pays to use a well known professional with a good reputation.
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