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Some Grand Vitara V6 3.2 Questions

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  • Some Grand Vitara V6 3.2 Questions

    Hi, due to several month waiting for parts for my NL (was hit by another car) I grabbed and opportunity of a very well cared 2011 Grand Vitara V6 3.2, its very far away in driving experience compared to my ex NS or the NL but have to admit the engine sound very nice hehehee.

    Ok, questions,

    - it has 113k it seems reomendation for chaging ATF is at 160k, I would like to do it know, someone can comment on this, what atf to use (manual has the amounts of fluids but not specs!)

    - It comes with 225/60/R18 tires! don´t think I will keep it long or do lot of offroading but if posible I would like to switch to 17" or 16". Think I can easely find a swap on the market from another GV as normaly people like 18". Does any body knows if they are direct swap from another GV or my 3.2 has bigger calipers or something else?

    A couple on usage:
    - AT lever has D-4-3-L. Find strange I cannot get 2, usually I used 1 or 2 on climbing or light startup on slippery conditions, I´m missing something?
    - I read it has ASC and TC but cannot find a definite answer on what the TC really is on the VG, does it work similar as the Pajero? in goolge I found lot of scary experiences with the GV on dunes supposedly because of the TC but think its more because of the drivers hehehe ...during the weekend I´ll see if I can do some testings.

    This is a photo of my "new" GV posing with one of my 265/75/16 KM2 left from my NS. The GV spare tire is a skinny emergency tire, umbearable!

    2000 SWB NL 3.5 SOHC V6 AT.
    Adjustable suspension, Rear Locker, Suspension Seats, Cruise Control, 8500 Lbs winch, all factory fitted.
    31x10.5R15 Pirelli ATR?s and forever thinking on the lift.
    2009 SWB NS 3.2 DOHC DID AT 265/70/17 BFG AT/KO, OME SD Springs +4 Rear locker, 8.500 Lbs toy!!!

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    There used to be a really NGV forum but buggered if I can find a link to it now. Guessing you've found AusZookers and Suzuki Forums by now, they might have answers to your Q's and some good info also.

    Penrite suggest ATF FS or ATF MHP for the 3.2 auto on their oil finder thing so maybe go with that. Sorry no idea of actual specs as per the book
    I think I recall reading somewhere that NGV can take 16" rims but can't be sure if the 3.2 is included in that. Would assume 17's should be OK tho as I don't think a small, light 4wd like the NGV would have come out with huge brakes needing a 18" wheel
    2010 NT Activ, DiD+lazy shift. Bushskins+Boo's, Kings springs+Monroe shocks+Firestone Airbags, MM towbar, MM nudgebar.
    2006 KJ Cherokee, CRD+lazy shift. Ironman springs and OME shocks, MoPar skids.


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