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ScanGauge 2 Codes Please

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  • ScanGauge 2 Codes Please

    I've had my ScanGauge 2 for about 18 months now and would like to add some gauges through the X Gauge but I'm having difficulty finding codes for them.
    Can't seem to find them on the ScanGauge site.
    I already have ATF on my X gauge that I put on some time ago but a review of some stuff on here leads me to believe that I may have the wrong codes that I took from the ScanGauge site originally.
    The other codes I would like are for Coolant Temp which just don't seem to come up on their page.
    Can anyone help with a reliable list of codes please.

    2016 Pajero Sport GLS.

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    Coolant temp should already be in the gauge. I used settings from here for transmission. but it dose only work in 5 degrees increments and is on 40 when you fist turn the ignition on for the day.
    2019 PS Black edition. ECB Bull bar, Boo's sump guards and King springs F&R.


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      Thanks Bill.
      When I did a search on here a few days ago I found a contradiction to the ATF X Gauge that was originally posted about 18 months ago which implied that the SG read too low and therefore was incorrect-bit dangerous.
      Mine does start off around 40 degrees but I have never seen it over 85 degrees and that was pulling a two and a half tonne 'van up the Waterfall Way from the coast to Armidale NSW which is a pretty solid pull.
      I checked the ScanGauge 2 website and it still has the same numbers that I originally put in.
      I can only assume that these are still correct input numbers.
      I guess I should be thankful that 85 is the highest I've seen.

      My apologies I missed the coolant temperature in the list.

      What's the maximum you've seen on your ATF?