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Smart bar on 2018 GLS PajSport with Adaptive CC

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  • Smart bar on 2018 GLS PajSport with Adaptive CC

    Hi Folks, has anyone on this forum fitted a poly Smartbar to a Feb18, or later build, GLS with ACC?. If so how did the Smartbar affect the ACC? The Smartbar spec sheet says “does not suit vehicles with forward collision mitigation, active/adaptive cruise control, and/or parking sensors”. Which until Feb2018 neither the GLX or GLS had.
    Does fitting a Smartbar just negate the active/adaptive function of CC? Or does it completely negate the entire CC so you no longer have any CC?
    Or does it just make the forward facing sensor that “sees” another vehicle in front of you less reliable/effective because it’s “angles/window of vision” are affected by the upper & lower parts of the Smartbar forward of it. I believe this sensor is located behind the centrally located Mitsi badge, so it should at least have some “forward vision”, but probably reduced compared to without a bar fitted.
    Thanks. FrasR

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    You are correct in its position, and in the fact that it will have some forward vision, but the problem arises that if SOME forward signal is transmitted, then not ALL of what is expected will return. That is what the calibration ensures.

    Parking sensors and blind spot warning can still work if the sensors are correctly positioned and orientated.
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      Thanks Dibby, 2018 GLS does not have forward parking sensors or blind spot warning.

      I have a 2019 GLS Pajero Sport, this does have Adaptive CC and collision mitigation. Yesterday I spoke to Adam at the Smartbar company about the incompatibility of the PS QE (Smartbar P/N SA177BL181 or SA177BL182) re - "Does not suit vehicles with frontal collision mitigation, adaptive cruise control". He said that incompatibility may not be the case as a distributer in Brisbane has had success in fitting them and he would get them to call me.

      Tony at UV4x4 in Enoggera called and said that they can be fitted and will work but you cannot fit driving lights as these will impede the signals. He emailed me a quote for the non winch model, SA177BL181, $2728.00 fitted.



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        Thats encouraging.

        A point missed from OP was that even if ACC is affected, normal cruise control will still work.
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