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Wiring Anderson up for Pajero Sport QF

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  • Wiring Anderson up for Pajero Sport QF

    Had anyone had to wire up an Anderson plug on the new oajero sports
    would like any hints or tips

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    Originally posted by Pbeemy View Post
    Had anyone had to wire up an Anderson plug on the new pajero sports
    would like any hints or tips
    I can't really help, but two questions spring to mind:

    1. This is for connection to a caravan / trailer of some description?

    2. Do you intend to connect this Anderson plug direct to your starting battery?

    Both entirely reasonable things to do, just hoping to avoid any confusion if you have other ideas.
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      I'll assume the Anderson plug is for caravan use as you haven't supplied any information to the contrary.
      Use at least 8mm (X 2 red and black) good quality cable back to the positive post of the battery with an in line fuse near the battery.
      Terminate the black onto the negative body terminal where the battery is earthed.
      You should find a large access hole in the bottom of the rear left guard to run the cables through then up over the guard and once you remove the kick plates under the back and front doors lay the cables flat beside each other so that you can easily replace kick panels.
      When you are behind the dash you will find a method to get through the fire wall.
      I'm not able to check mine at present but if you have a problem just ask and I'll check when available.
      If it's for a caravan it's a good idea to install a DC/DC charger of some brand.
      Using this method I have 14 plus volts at the fridge terminals, mmmmmmmm cold beer.
      Same method for the battery charge circuit.


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