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Factory fitted tyres -QF Models.

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  • Factory fitted tyres -QF Models.

    Gidday all,
    Just a quick question on the tyres fitted to the current model PS. Are they a 265/60R18 110H or the 265/65R18 110H.
    I did read a post that some of the PS were fitted with the later tyres. this may effect the tyre under body recess space. Also has anyone fitted Airbags to the rear suspension?

    What are the factory Toyo tyres like? I see comments that recommend to grt rid of
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    They’re 265/60R18. If you are wanting to go off road then change them. i chabhed mjne to Maxxis RAZR AT 811s in 275/65R18 and im really happy with them.


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      Originally posted by Lisa H View Post
      They’re 265/60R18. If you are wanting to go off road then change them. i chabhed mjne to Maxxis RAZR AT 811s in 275/65R18 and im really happy with them.
      275/65R18 tyres are 815mm in theoretical diameter so this is 40mm larger in theoretical diameter than the factory tyre size of 265/60R18 which is 775mm in diameter but the AT811 are 823mm in actual diameter so 47mm over diameter, this is in theory are A legal fitment as long as the tyres do not rub on any part of the body, suspension or steering components, during the complete suspension and steering travel. If this size tyre does not rub it will be very close. A tyre this large in diameter would also prohibit the fitting of snow chains on the front wheels so if you are heading to the snow then this should be a consideration, it also limits the amount of possible suspension lift.

      The Maxxis Razr AT811 in LT275/65R18 are approved for rim widths 8.0" to 9.5" and the Pajero Sport comes with 7.5" wide rims, so unless you change rims then this size tyre is an illegal fitment.
      This may cause RWC and insurance issues.
      An alternative tyre option that can use the factory alloys is 265/65R18, at 803mm diameter it is 28mm over diameter, in most LT off road tyres this size can be fitted to a 7.5" wide rim, interestingly the Maxxis AT811 in 265/65R18 is also approved for rims from 8.0'' to 9.5", I checked both the Australian and USA websites and the specifications are the same. Other Off road AT/MT tyres like Cooper ST Maxx in 265/65R18 and 265/60R18 are approved for rims widths from 7.5" to 9.5" so I do not know why Maxxis are different???? It might be worth checking with Maxxi on this, it is not the first time a manufacturers website has been incorrect.

      Another legal limitation is on a vehicle equipped with ASC cannot have the overall ride height increased by more than 50mm, this can be a combination of tyre size, suspension lift and body blocks, so going up to 265/65R18 tyres that are 28mm greater in diameter, raise the overall vehicle height by 14mm so you can then raise the suspension ride height by up to 36mm and still be within the 50mm overall height limit increase. The Pajero Sport RVCS ride height specifications are 520mm front and 559mm rear so when fitting 265/65R18 and a suspension lift then the maximum legal suspension ride heights would be 556mm front and 595mm rear, when measured from the centre of the wheel hub to the underside of the wheel arch , when measured in a vertical line, whilst the vehicle is parked on flat level ground.

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