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    Just towed the new van for first outing last weekend
    2008 Trakmaster Sturt,13 ft 6 “
    Tare 1500
    ATM 1900

    From Melbourne to Maldon,then to Barmah, on the Murray.

    pajero NX,my 2020,diesel
    dual batteries
    readarc brake controller
    boos bash plates
    only driver and passenger seats
    upgraded rear suspension with kings KCRS,standard height ,30% stiffer coils,shockers unchanged, as yet!
    This returned rear height to 530,as had sunk over last year to 520
    with van hitched dropped to 510,but level,as front rose 10 mm
    van slightly nose down,very marginally
    I haven’t towed a van for many years,so not sure what to expect ,but seemed fine
    more revs needed
    torque converter working hard(Automate Pro arrived in mail today,in record time)
    fuel consumption up substantially
    Impressive stability on road,with no effect from passing B doubles at 100 kph
    But,some pitching/ float on uneven roads,mild,barely noticeable,not sure whether normal or not
    I plan to measure tow all mass when I can,and fill 2 2 water tanks,either side of axle to see if this makes a difference
    better shocks,? Koni,has been suggested
    as has reducing weight on towball,(9 kg,4.5 kgm gas bottles,jerry can,empty,metal firewood frame)

    plus: annoying squeak developed ,probably from new kings springs, after 100 km,with movement of van / Pajero
    not present when van not hitched
    assumming related to installation of Kings Springs,but ?

    Thoughts on
    1.whether upgrade to shockers next step
    OR whether to look measuring van weights and reducing TBM

    appreciate thoughts and others towing experience