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Towing a All Terrain Pop Top Van, is it too close for comfort ??

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    Originally posted by old Jack View Post

    Avan's have their fair share of loyal owners but like all products there are also a group of unhappy owners, just like Mitsubishi 4wds.

    People are sold the "Dream" but can end up living the "Nightmare" when things go pear-shaped.

    Selling machinery tractors mowers & everything that goes with, i often ponder what it's like to be able to sell to someones emotions & sell "The dream" whether that's real estate "renovators delights" or the McMansions as example only.
    So i hear what you say.

    In years to come i eye of what i see as a McMansion that suits my needs & ponder myself which way is the more suited to "actual" required.

    A McMansion within reason as i just can't get my head around where are you going to actually take 3.5 tonnes towed behind that requires such a heavy build as example

    Most roads are not anywhere near being "bad" if the thing has a decent Chassis, clearance & axle/ suspension, driven to conditions its capable off, how many slow days in reality would one have is what i ponder?

    This fits for as examples & you choose the suspension, clearance & chassis that suits you, drive so you don't rattle the cupboards out of it.

    Or are you going to spend your days on "Camel adventures" where they would be most suited to the terrain & then something like this which is in travel mode fits the dimesnions of the tow tug, light, tough & clean skin underneath, stack of storage space, very well thought out, bed kitchen, store your stuff basically, light ball weights by design.
    Check out where all the weight is kept in relation to the axle, payloads like 1 tonne,
    Thats plenty of water & food, clothes i must say.

    If Camel adventures is your thing this would be long & wide enough i suspect to cause enough travel trouble, parking outsdie caravan parks for living, access to tighter camping areas and a like.
    Personally i'm not really into Caravan parks, reminds me of "wheels in Suburbia", but everyone is different

    One will suffer condensation more than the other, cook outside in all conditions etc, but it will go anywhere, the other is a house on wheels

    I'm not convinced a 3 tonne McMansion (as NJSWB calls them ) can actually go places offroad at those weights that requires such a build if you know what i'm getting at , but they sell a stack of heavy weight offroad McMansions that is for sure, most of them spend quite a bit of life as onroad vans is reality i suspect.
    But i'm not practically experienced towing McMansions so maybe they are great exceptional machines at 3.5 tonnes as holds them down over the corrugations & away you go doing 80!
    I'm a sceptic though
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      When it ccomes to caravan weight, start with what I consider to be the first rule and that is not tow anything heavier that the tug.
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        Originally posted by Ian H View Post
        When it ccomes to caravan weight, start with what I consider to be the first rule and that is not tow anything heavier that the tug.
        That was the law a long time ago.

        Should still be.


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          Originally posted by BruceandBobbi View Post

          That was the law a long time ago.

          Should still be.
          It's a law that should stay where it is, in the past. Cars/4wds and vans have evolved. Driver ability and knowledge does not appear to have evolved to keep up but that's another topic.

          I would advocate for the caravan media to talk about buying a caravan to suit your needs not to keep up with the Jones's. If you are buying a van to do a lap then you should start with a decent safety margin of 15-20%. That is, if your car can tow 3t then you should set yourself a limit of 2.4-2.55T (like the OP has).

          If your idea of a holiday is dragging a van 200km to the lake for 2 weeks, then go for it, get the best van you can tow legally. Each to their own if it is done with thought.
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            Seems to me that many need the McMansion just to fit their ego,s in.
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