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MK V6 engine tune probs

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  • MK V6 engine tune probs

    Has anyone got any engine specs for a 3.0L 24V V6 Triton (specifically any specs for the throttle body).
    My Dad's vehicle is very spluttery when accelerating from idle until it gets a few revs on board.
    At first I thought it was a vacuum leak but I can't find one.
    Then I thought I would check the TPS BUT none of the pins on the TPS seem to have any continuity at all. This seems very odd.
    I thought I would cheat be checking the specs from a NH Pajero (Haynes) manual but no joy, it doesn't give any.

    Idle speed was hunting around abit but a new oxygen sensor seems to have fixed this but not the off idle fault.

    Any suggestions????

    Any TPS specs?????

    Peter H

    NJ 2.8TDI
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    Semi retired NL GLS 3.5 (no airbags) in almost prestine condition to replace NJ.
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    Hi There
    Im pretty sure the gregorys manual for the NH has some specs on the TPS.
    Also it could be the IAC, you can try pulling it out and giving it a clean with carby cleaner.
    2013 MY13 VRX


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