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Wheel offset bible for ML MN triton (Challenger)

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  • Wheel offset bible for ML MN triton (Challenger)

    The following is a listing of the wheel sizes that comes standard for the Triton; other vehicle makes with the same stud pattern; and wheels from 3rd party manufacturers. It was compiled to assist other Triton owners in wheel selection.
    The following list only includes 6 stud on 139.7mm PCD wheels. The Triton is lucky in that the centre bore is the smallest in the market- all rims in 6 stud 139.7 PCD will fit (subject to other constraints)
    Note that the triton rims are "stud centric" use the studs to centre and hold the wheel, such that the hub is not weight loading- but different rims require different wheel nuts- make sure the correct type is used. info regarding steel rims and alloy rims in VSB14
    Replacement wheels must be designed for the particular hub/axle and have the same bolt/stud pitch circle diameter and the same centre location method. The wheel nuts or bolts must have the same tapers as the wheel. Wheels with slotted bolt/stud holes must not be used.
    Replacement aluminium alloy rims must be located on the hub/axle by the same diameter centre spigot as the original wheel, using suitable adaptor rings where necessary.
    Wheel nuts and bolts must have a thread engagement length at least equal to the thread diameter, except where specified otherwise by the vehicle manufacturer.
    Wheel spacers (or adaptors for dual wheel conversions) between the wheel mounting face and the road wheel must not be used unless fitted as original equipment by the vehicle manufacturer.
    Modifications to disc brake callipers, hubs and suspension and steering components to enable the fitting of replacement wheels must not be undertaken.

    To use this list successfully, you need to do the following:
    1. Look up the wheel size and offset for your current vehicle. (note: If you have a GlX you can change to wider wheels. In this case, use the next model up as a point of reference- this may require flares)
    2. Look down the list and find the wheel(s) with the same offset or lower.
    Note the lower the number the wider the track
    3. The wheel diameter and width is then up to you. There are various things to consider when choosing diameter and width, so I won't go further into this here.
    4. Make sure you double check with the tyre shop or search through New Triton for other members who have successfully made a swap.
    The list is currently incomplete. Please advise if you have something to add (including any corrections) and I will maintain this first post.

    (Disclaimer )
    The original poster wishes to make clear that the information contained here may be incorrect and or out-of-date, confirmation of rim specifications and suitability should be obtained from the manufacturers website or local reseller prior to purchase. Hereafter, you the reader, acknowledge that the use of this information is at your own risk and modifications using this information may not be legal under the Australian and or State Road Traffic Acts.
    What offset means
    Triton ML
    GLX- steel or alloy 16x6.0 ET46
    VR- Alloy 16x7.0 ET38
    GLX-r alloy16x7.0 ET38
    GLX-r alloy (MY2009- after april 2008) 17x7.0 ET38
    Triton MN
    GL-r Alloy 17x7.0 ET38
    GLX-r Alloy 17x7.5 ET38
    NM, NS, NT
    factory alloy or steel 17x7.5 ET46

    Toyota Prado Standard Rims
    90 Series
    Steel and Alloy 16x7.0" 4wd26 265/75/16
    Fitted with 265/75/16 tyres these fit into the guards very nicely, and come out flush with the outside edge of the flare on the GLX-r.
    120 Series
    GX/Standard 17x6" ET15
    GXL+ 17x7.5 ET30
    150 Series
    GX 17x6.5" ET15
    GXL 17x7.5" ET25
    VX+ 18x7.5" ET25
    Other Vehicles with a 6-stud Pattern
    Toyota Hilux
    17x7.5" ET30
    Landcruiser 80 and 79 series utes
    16x8" ET-13
    FJ Cruiser
    17x7.5" ET15
    Ford Ranger
    17x7.5" ET10 ????
    Hummer H3
    16x7.5" ET 38
    Nissan Patrol (GU)
    17x8.0" ET10 Hicko 265/65/17
    The wheels fit under the flared guards but the tyres that are on stick out passed about 15-20mm
    Isuzu D-max
    Great Wall V240
    Holden Colorado
    Nissan Navara D22
    NOTE- Nissan navara D40 and Pathfinder (latest models) WILL NOT FIT- different/ smaller PCD- even though 6 studs
    Aftermarket Manfacturers & Rim Styles
    CSA - multiple choices CSA fitment guide Triton Check also "Prado" for additional offset choices nearer to zero offset
    CSA Stampede 16x7 ET20 Stampede clicky
    Originally posted by NowForThe5th
    Widens stance a little bit, fits just inside wheel arches with 265/70/R16 tyres.
    ROH Trojan Trojan Clicky Note no offset material on website
    17x7.5" ET30
    ROH RTX RTX Clicky Note no offset material on website
    17x8.0" ET30
    Speedy Grande Grande II clicky
    16x7.0" ET30
    17x7.5" ET10
    17x7.5" ET30
    Speedy Avalanche Avalanche clicky
    16x7.0" ET25
    17x7.5" ET25
    Speedy Flame Flame Clicky
    16x8.0" ET zero
    16x8.0" ET25
    17x8.0" ET25
    Last edited by 4wd26; 02-06-14, 01:26 PM. Reason: added VSB14 information thanks Old Jack and Fester
    ML triton with some accessories
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    note that some of the links go to a "locked forum"
    you will need to be a member tio view information- pics of vehicles fitted with different rim and tyre combinations
    ML triton with some accessories
    National E Trek Libary
    Getting Out There


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      Good info Selwyn
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        Thanks for the info.

        ET30 seems to be a common size for aftermarket wheels. Does everyone fit these onto PB challengers/tritons without a problem?


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          Yep offset of +30 works and is very similar to standard
          ML triton with some accessories
          National E Trek Libary
          Getting Out There


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            Wheel sizes are a real headache,Thanks for putting this together for us
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              this should be a sticky
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                120 prados never came out with 18" rims. I have a vx and comes standard with same 17" alloys as gxl. Was 150 prado with 18".
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                  I currently have 6 stud Prado Landcruiser standard rims and tyres on my MK 2003 Mitsubishi Triton dual cab
                  had to make a small modification to widen the centre hole of the rim by no more than a mill.
                  I have no problems with them and they do look good


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                    Hi, will 2013 17 inch bt50 rims fit an nm triton?
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                      Originally posted by dmr292 View Post
                      Hi, will 2013 17 inch bt50 rims fit an nm triton?
                      2013 BT50 has a wheel offset of +55. Triton is +38 so you would be reducing the the track with the BT wheels which is illegal even if they fitted (which is very unlikely).

                      Note it is legal toincrease track by up to 25mm/side (ie 50mm total),
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