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    Hello People, Im a newbie to this forum, so first off,Gday from over here in WA

    I have a couple of Issues with my MK 2004 petrol triton, and thought I might ask you experts here first

    Fuel consumption around town, not lead footing it by any means, 19 lts for 100ks, jesus! is that what these things get Im pretty sure the Pajero is doing better than this , do I need to have it tuned, or is this all I can expect ?

    One other thing I would like to know, is there something I can do to get a little more steering lock happening, silly question I spose It sure could do with another half turn....

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    Howdy George from WA.
    I think 19ltrs/100k might be a tad excessive but of coarse other factors come into it if the Triton has been modded (roofracks/largertyres etc)
    First thing would be if you have done over 100k is to get a new 02 sensor (check this thread)
    Other thing is to make sure you are running the proper tyre pressures. You would be suprised the difference it makes.
    As for your turning circle ...well there is a bit of adjustment that I read somewhere. Maybe Outers has it or our old forum that has gone by the wayside.
    Anyway try the 02 sensor first.
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      Thanks Pickle, the MK is pretty much standard, no roof racks, although it does have a canopy
      Tyres are at about 38 psi from memory, I would have to check that

      Ive got it booked in to be converted to gas, so maybe I should wait, with some luck they might change the O2 censor then...

      I havnt had this ute long, so Im kinda scratching my head at the moment

      thanks again



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