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model year towing capacity

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  • model year towing capacity

    Hi all.
    I am currently a NT pajero owner and have tour OZ with tinnie van and tvan quite successfully ( see our blog) but I now what to go more bush bashing and need special,purpose vehicle.
    I plan on keeping my paj for my daily drive BUT now want to build a UTE up just for touring.
    I want 3 ton towing capacity.
    Can any one confirm for me that if I buy a NM 2011model year GLX R that they are all 3tonne towing? MY 2010 are 2750? I think.
    But what if I remove the tub and replace with an aluminium special purpose box and pull out tray is this still 3tonne capacity.
    I am also looking at the dark side a workmate landcruiser but very basic and a lot of $$$$ but I might have no choice.
    I will try talking to MMAL when I return from OS but I am starting research while I am away .
    Thanks Kelly.

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    Towing 3 tonnes will not be fun. It will do it but after spending a lot of time on the road. The lighter rigs get into so many more places with ease.
    Do you really need to tow 3 tonne? Once loaded the whole rig will be close to 6 tonnes!
    .Previously an NP GLX 3.8 auto RIP
    NS VRX DiD auto. RIP.


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      Oh and yes 3000kg braked towing capacity. MY11.
      .Previously an NP GLX 3.8 auto RIP
      NS VRX DiD auto. RIP.


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        Great thanks for the reply and info.

        Thanks for the reply.
        Yes I hear where you are coming from the lighter the better.
        But we have no choice, you can take a look t our set up when we did the year long trip around oz with the PAJERO.
        That adventure only wet our desire to do more so we also bought a TVan as well for those far away places so we have three ways of getting out there the luxury of the van, the some luxury of the Tvan , and the tinnie and tent.

        BUT what I need now is a special purpose vehicle that can do all , tow the van when necessary, carry our tinnie, and on other trips take the tvan to those remote hard to get to places.
        The Pajero has been great up to now , but it cant really carry the stuff easily and its a pain to get in and out of the rear seat access for the freezer and tubs.
        And being Monocoque construction doesn't lend itself to be cut and shut.
        So this is why now I want to build a special purpose TOURER that can do all.
        Having a stable of Mitys the family owns the Pajero, a EVO 8, A imported Legume, one of the last 20 380 to the built, a VRX Lancer , and Mirage so after 35 years of owning Mitys I wanted to try and keep it that way.
        BUT its going to come down to can the TRITON deliver the goods.
        I realise it will need a lot of work with suspension, airbags, tyres plus more but I really would luv to be talking to people who own tritons to tow with but also get amongst the tuff stuff now and then.

        Once I return to OZ I need to be looking for the vehicle either the triton or the Toyota work mate cruiser, The Toyotas are so expensive and you get so little for your money.
        Anyway thanks for the info re the model year 11 its a start much appreciated, now to find the owners who actually are doing it so to speak,
        Regards Kelly.


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