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Speedo correction

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  • Speedo correction

    I'm having trouble getting info on correcting my speedo variance since changing from 205/80/16 to 265/70/16 (early Pajero alloy wheel)
    speedo gear has 28 teeth so since the variance is only 5.9% (105.9kph actual speed over ground when dial reads 100kph)
    So there are 25,26 & 27 tooth gears available out there...
    If i were to guess and since the variance is marginal I would go with a 27 tooth speedo gear. Would I be right in my assumptions?
    Cluster / speedo cable is mechanical.
    Model: MK
    Year: 2001
    Engine: 3.0 V6
    Trans: Auto 4spd
    Drive: 4x2
    Diff Ratio: Unknown but probably standard.

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    maybe this will be sorted when the LS3 goes in...
    Happy Holidays....!


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      Personally, I'd try 26 tooth. That will make your speedo over-read (actual speed will be less than indicated speed), and I reckon that was the original size in my NJ (with 4.875 diffs) - should be easy to find.
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        I have used these little yellow box things on 4 cars now with no complaints .


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          Originally posted by lizard View Post
          I have used these little yellow box things on 4 cars now with no complaints .

          Good solution for those with later models that have electronic speedos, but MK is mechanical and uses old fashioned speedo cable.


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            Originally posted by nj swb View Post
            Personally, I'd try 26 tooth.

            I agree. You need to slow the speedo cable down by 6%. 94% of 28 is 26. I used this same calculation on another make of vehicle (electronic, gear driven input) and it worked as calculated.
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