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Land cruiser vs triton

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  • Land cruiser vs triton

    Just thought u triton guys would like this for a laugh.
    Hope link works, cheers.
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    Tyre pressure incorrect on the cruiser
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      I think weight is going to play a big role in that. And yeah who knows what tyre pressures they where running. But sill good to watch. He was bouncing pretty good on the last run.


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        "I don't need to let my tyres down, I drive a Toyota....."
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          It's all about the weight, strictly speaking the pressure exerted on the ground by the tyres. I've been in the same situation before.


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            Haha! Good 1.. My Paj was fantastic in the dunes/sand will be interesting when the time comes with my 200 series..

            I'm aware of more than a few 200s having issues when on the sand in most cases it's driver not knowing how to use the traction control turning the stability control off same issue a few have in the Later model Pajs also as Dave said tyre pressure was more an issue here, IMO have a look how the vehicle didn't react to turn rather it slid side ways..

            In regards to weight my Paj with all its kit was just under 3 ton stock the cruisers are about 2650 mine will be around the 3200 fully loaded... So weight shouldn't be the issue in sand - momentum, tyre pressure & knowing how to use the particular 4WDs electronic aids IS..
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              Watching the cruiser trying to turn into the dune, it just wants to push straight ahead. Diff locks possibly? The way he was bouncing the thing, it's pretty obvious he hasn't got a clue wtf to do. Tyre pressures must have been way up surely?
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