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Triton/L200 Engine coversion

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  • Triton/L200 Engine coversion

    I hope I don't get run out of here for what I'm about to write but I got an idea stuck in my head and I want to know if it's feasible.

    I own a 1995 2.8l Turbo Diesel Pajero, and I'm starting to realize that maybe the Pajero wasn't the right choice for me and now I'm leaning heavenly towards the L200. With that said I love my Pajero, hell, I'm at the point where I give it a pat when I walk by. It's a good rig, but I know if I sell it that it will either land in Africa or in the junk press within a year or 2, because there is most likely not anyone willing to continue the work I've started, and I can't bear the though of that happening.

    So what I want to do is get myself a L200 chases and dump my Pajero's power plant into it. Is this possible? This way at least a part of my Pajero gets to live on, and I have a unique rig to boot.

    Any help would be much appreciated.
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