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  • Service costs

    I've just had my 15000km service done on the GLX-R and the cost is $532. It seems rather expensive to me - Is this in the ballpark of what others are paying? The same service in the high performance, high tech RX8 only cost $180 and included Rotary oil.

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    Ouch! I that sounds steep Did they give you a breakdown of the bill? If so what was the majority of that amount for?

    I've only just had my 7,500 service done - better lock her in the shed for a while!

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      Depends on where you get it serviced.

      When I had it serviced by MM dealers, I found price differences of $110/hr to $220/hr. The last service done by MM (about 40k ago) I had enough of the prices and things not being done on the vehicle that I had paid for (eg Hobart did not replace the fuel filter [billed me $200 odd for it], Newcastle did not lube anything, MM used cheap crap engine oil at most dealers that made the DiD so noisy).

      Now I use genuine MM parts (fuel filter, oil filter, etc), coolant, etc and good quality oils, and everything on the checklist is done and more. This makes the vehicle run so much better... (and the people who run caravan parks give me odd looks when I am doing things)
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        Had ours done a couple of months back and was only approx $380 from memory
        as they no longer do the tappets at 15000 so sounds like you got ripped off.


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          Sounds like they carried out the tappet adjustment, or at least charged you for it, 'cos for a standard service, that's way too high!

          The tappets are to be checked at the 15k (audible check for excessive clearance) service, and adjusted at the 30k.
          Maybe they thought your motor was noisy?? Even so, you should of been made aware of the extra charge!


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            My 15K service was around the 350 mark, I think two thinkg could of happen. They either gave you the wrong bill, or they ripped you off.
            I would expect to pay maybe that much on a 45 k service.


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              I know on the 45k for the DiD Pajero - if you purchase the oils/parts you are looking at about $450 alone plus labour of 3.5 - 4.5 hours to do it properly.

              If they are charging $500-600 I doubt that they are doing their job properly.
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                service costs

                I asked my mechanic about the new tritons and he said the cost of air,oil and fuel filters is through the roof and you can only buy genuine at this stage as Ryco were not making them yet! I think the prices for each of these items is between $70 - $80 each!! A breakdown of your bill would tell you more.
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                  Our 15,000km service cost $299.85 at Knox in Melb. Quoted over the phone at "about $300" compared to another dealer at Lilydale who quoted $400. So I reckon your dealer needs a shake. Are you in a position to pick and choose dealers? I have taken to phoning for a quote before I book it in.
                  Breakdown of ours was $108 labour, $120 oil and the balance minor bits and GST. They claim that the oil is actually $160 but they/MMA subsidise it at this stage as they believe the cost will fall quickly as there are more vehicles on the road requiring this oil quality.
                  I remain a happy camper with Knox at this stage. The previous NM was always serviced at a local 4WD shop as I did not have any confidence in the dealers I was using with it. Might get back to that at some stage but right now Knox are OK.
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                    Crikey $532.....what didn't they do?

                    My 15,000k service was $189 + $31 to adjust the hand brake + $93 for consumables (Heidleberg)...and I thought that was rich.

                    Why would a Triton be so different?
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