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Mk Triton Conversion 3.5ltr Magna donk

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  • Mk Triton Conversion 3.5ltr Magna donk

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    Let the fun begin....
    This project like many projects do, begins with bad news from my mechanic. My 3L had a damaged roll pin where the harmonic balancer sits the crank. 2 grand repair bill.! Well that would fix the damage but wouldn't change the engine from being a oil and fuel guzzling lemon.
    I had a recon 3.5ltr engine in a wreck at home so
    decided to look into what was involved in converting a th Magna 3.5ltr engine to fit my MK Triton 2wd automatic dual cab.
    BOTH ENGINES ARE SOHC. Only detailed documentation of this conversion was with a MK Triton 4x4 manual and an older Magna. Importantly that indicates major sump modifications. Being mostly for clearance of the exhaust, the diff housing, transfer case and t the bolts at the rear of the sump to mate to bolts on bellhousing. As most of those restrictions don't apply to my 2WD Triton and possibly have enough room to bend 's exhaust pass the existing 3.5 litre Magna sump. After checking if my auto lines up with all the bolt holes on the 3.5ltr block and the sump it all seems fine?
    So my question to anyone that can answer this is am I overlooking something to do with the sump and
    maybe there isn't any reason for me to modify my sump??
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    Sounds interesting. Keep us updated with progress and pictures. I,m sure there will be a lot of interest.
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      OK MkGypsy

      Firstly welcome to the forum. Engine swaps are common with these vehicles. Either due to circumstance or HP chasing but the fun is with getting the right parts to the right places to make everything bolt up.

      The biggest elephant in the room is the fact that the sump from the 3L does not fit the 3.5L block or later, and yes a question is asked about whether the 2wd version needs to change anything at all.

      Mitsu have two gearbox patterns a "wide" and a "narrow" these are terms left over from the starion/sigma days and in these cars refers tot the bellhousing height. The top half ( so the block part) is all the same. but the sump has different bolt hols to mate with the gearbox. In the pajeros the wide pattern is used so this is why most people when putting the magna motors into pajeros will use their original sump so that the gearbox bolts up (this requires the pickup to be used as well). You dont have this luxury as the 3L sump will not fit the 3.5L block. SO to make it fit sump modifications are needed, but like you say this is generally in a 4wd version. Unfortunately I cannot tell you whether the magns sump will clear the crossmember and any other items around.

      BUT there is a sandwich plate ( whihc is in your pic) that you can use to check which gearbox yours runs. The pic shows clearly that this sandwich plate will not locate properly with the bottom bolt holes. Meaning that the gearbox will not fit the motor properly ad therefore only bolt to the block (equals bad) at this point a sump replacement would be needed.

      You will also need to use a new starter motor as the teeth count from memory changes between the 3L and the 3,5L (been a while since I played with a 3L) most of the stuff will bolt into the 3.5L motor, you will need to transfer all of your sensors etc to make it run and adapt a few things to get it right. Ideally you would want to change the ECU to run the new motor to have it run right or even go fully aftermarket. The difference between the 3.5L and the 3L is worlds apart and thus the truck would have alot different driving experience once completed. However, you will be doing a number of things to get it in there. You will not be a pioneer on this but you will need to double check everything. The pajero sump into a triton still needs a trim to get it to fit properly BUT it will bolt upto a wide gearbox like in your pic.

      Hope that helps.
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